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5 Ways To Use Social Media For Your Business

By The Socialite Media 5 months agoNo Comments
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The 5 C’s of Social Media is a way of describing how, at it’s core, social media affords us 5 base opportunities:

The ability to contribute – simple sharing of data

The ability to comment – your opportunity to have your say

The opportunity of conversation – getting associated with exchanges with others

The ability to collaborate – work with anybody, anyplace to accomplish a shared objective

The opportunity of community – building connections on the web

While social media enables us to do numerous things it is these five C’s that shape the core of what it means to me and influences the way in which I utilize it.


This is really crystal clear and, in the current context, would include posting on websites like flickr, blogs, and so on – basically supplying some type of content for the utilization of others. Content sharing has never been simpler and, with methods of delivery like RSS, subscribing to those shared items is a piece of cake.

Not every person utilizing social media is a contributor in this sense, yet may contribute in other ways as we’ll see below.


Social media does not necessarily suggest that you are a content creator but may in any case have a useful contribution to make via commenting.

There are various situations where ‘comment’ is a standalone action and thus warrants its very own classification. A comment is a chance to stand up and be counted or to voice your perspective. Examples of this could be voting, surveys, etc.

While standalone comments may not be seen by some as genuinely within the ‘spirit’ of social media they are just as valid and regularly prompt intelligent discussion.


The genuine bread and margarine of social media is the discussion it promotes. While we have always had conversation in one form or another, social media broadens the extent of those discussions by increasing the ease with which we can have them with more individuals in increasing diverse locations. In this way, we are able to extend our own ranges of prominence far beyond that which we would be able to by traditional means.

While real world applications for what we call social media might be constrained there is no reason why we can’t apply the ideas to other areas. Take, for instance, the use of cell phones. The universality of these gadgets is undoubtable and we would feel lost without them, yet in so far as their base function (making calls) is concerned there is a great deal more that we could do with them.

We take conference calls on the phones in our office for granted, however it seems pointlessly muddled to set up a conference call on a cellphone. Cellphone carriers do, at times, offer the ability but for the most part just to business clients. Why not give this facility to individual customers? We are urged to set up our favorite contacts so that we can reap the rewards of reduced rate calls. But why not empower us to configure a group of friends and call them all at the same time just as we would send them a text message? An instant social use of existing technology – teenagers would love it!


As a direct outcome of enhanced discussion and connectivity comes the capacity to collaborate more effectively. Collaboration tools of all sorts already existed before the present race towards making things more social yet the social component acts as a facilitator. The business implications are evident yet the reach ought to be extended beyond the corporate setting – clubs and gatherings, student projects, humanitarian efforts would all be able to profit from the utility afforded as well as be getting rid of the need to meet up in one physical location.


I won’t apologize for repeating myself – social media is about individuals. The tools exist because people demand them and those individuals, and the inspiration they provide, are the most significant asset that social media brings to the table.

While the meaning of “friend” is distorted we can build incredible online associations with like-minded people from everywhere throughout the world which should supplement (and not replace) our typical face-to-face colleagues. We ought to likewise endeavor to take these new friendships away from the computer, be it by voice or in person, non-typed communication can broaden our associations far beyond that which we can accomplish by keyboard alone.

In life we build a circle of friends in based on our location and experience, the same applies in a social media setting however with the advantage that we are not constrained by those same factors. Not only do we expand our circle but we can gain extra advantages with respect to our reputation.

Your friend,

The Socialite Media

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