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How to grow your Instagram’s engagement.

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A lot of individuals are struggling with Instagram’s new algorithm.

Every day I see copious amounts of brands talking about no matter what they do their engagement seems to continue to drop. I have seen a lot of the same advice given to users to help solve the problem:

  1. Don’t switch to a business account. I have tested this theory and to be perfectly honest we did not see much of an engagement change at all. Also if you are a brand you want to encourage users to move seamlessly from your social media accounts to your call to actions being, call, email or visit website.
  2. Try asking more questions. This is a great suggestion although the thing is if you are not getting in front of your audience that is not going to help.

Unfortunately this not going to give you the results you are after.

So you may be wondering how do you solve this problem? Well its quite simple really Instagram is ranking posts on the level of engagement and how quickly they are being engaged with after the time of post. Content that has a large amount of engagement straight after posting will rank higher in feeds as Instagram signals this as valuable content.

We work with this algorithm with Instagram Pods that are executed by The Socialite Media. Yes, I’m sure we have all been burned before¬† with pod groups. I am first to put my hand up on liking or commenting on a whole thread of accounts and yet only getting a mere three comments in return. They seem like a good idea but once you get a few leechers in there you end up doing a whole lot of giving and not a lot whole lot of receiving.

Our solution:

Our exclusive pods give you exactly what you give to others. For instance if you would like to receive 500 likes on your post a day you will need to donate 500 likes to other users in our group. Sounds like a lot of work right? Not really we do it all for you for as little as $1 a day. I’m pretty sure your time is worth more than that!

Here are the results:

Many of our users continually reach top posts!

How does this benefit my brand?

  • Eliminate getting lost in Instagram’s feed and get your message heard.
  • Occupy prime real estate in Instagram’s top posts.
  • Save time from dropping all the manual labour.

So let’s get started, your time is worth more than a dollar a day right?


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