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How I got 20k Instagram followers in 1 year and how you can too!

December 11, 2017
This how to guide will show you exactly how I grew my Instagram account from 9k to over 29.k and how you can too. Before we start I would like you to forget about everything you have read in the past about growing your Instagram account. I have seen so many classes courses and workshops out there that claim to make your social media account the next big thing yet the advice does not yield results. How do I know? Because I tried them. Being a marketing professional I thought I would take a step back from all of the noisy advice from “experts” and really strip my social media strategy down. I applied basic marketing principals to my personal account Jadore.Vanessa. The result yeilded a huge increase of 2.7k followers a month. Let’s establish some credibility: Let’s be frank, I don’t want to waste your time reading another post of advice that does not work and I don’t want to waste my time writing for no apparent reason.  So I am going to give you full transparency of my analytics so that you can see my followers are real, organically driven, targeted and engaged. As we know Instagram started killing the ghost followers aka vanity followers earlier in 2017, I wanted to show you that not only is my following growing rapidly, it is also growing in my target audience and that these followers are engaged with my content. Instagram’s insights show that my followers are predominantly women accounting for 65% of my following, I have over 11k impressions in the last 7 days, reached 3.5k users and my profile has been viewed 2.5k times. Pretty good for 7 days and on a following of 29k. Being an account that is focused on aerial fitness, yoga and family life having an audience predominately women in the ages of 25-35 is in my exact target audience. Social blade shows I had 12k followers in February 2017 and now I have 29.1k so in 10 months my account has grown over 17k followers. This free site will show you the tracking of anyones account at any time. Strategy #1 Brand Identity and Purpose: Ok so this one you have heard before so I am going to keep it brief. Develop your online brand identity. Now you don’t have to be perfect, in fact half the time my photo gallery coloring is all off BUT it has one thing in common. I am always talking about aerial arts, yoga or healthy happy family life. My users are interested in this content and the theme of the content that I am posting always stays the same. If you change from a fashion themed account to food you will find your engagement will drop and so may your followers. Strategy #2 Target your Market: Now that we know what we are going to post about we now need to think about who would want to know about your content? Who would like it? For

How to grow your Instagram’s engagement.

October 9, 2017
A lot of individuals are struggling with Instagram’s new algorithm. Every day I see copious amounts of brands talking about no matter what they do their engagement seems to continue to drop. I have seen a lot of the same advice given to users to help solve the problem: Don’t switch to a business account. I have tested this theory and to be perfectly honest we did not see much of an engagement change at all. Also if you are a brand you want to encourage users to move seamlessly from your social media accounts to your call to actions being, call, email or visit website. Try asking more questions. This is a great suggestion although the thing is if you are not getting in front of your audience that is not going to help. Unfortunately this not going to give you the results you are after. So you may be wondering how do you solve this problem? Well its quite simple really Instagram is ranking posts on the level of engagement and how quickly they are being engaged with after the time of post. Content that has a large amount of engagement straight after posting will rank higher in feeds as Instagram signals this as valuable content. We work with this algorithm with Instagram Pods that are executed by The Socialite Media. Yes, I’m sure we have all been burned before  with pod groups. I am first to put my hand up on liking or commenting on a whole thread of accounts and yet only getting a mere three comments in return. They seem like a good idea but once you get a few leechers in there you end up doing a whole lot of giving and not a lot whole lot of receiving. Our solution: Our exclusive pods give you exactly what you give to others. For instance if you would like to receive 500 likes on your post a day you will need to donate 500 likes to other users in our group. Sounds like a lot of work right? Not really we do it all for you for as little as $1 a day. I’m pretty sure your time is worth more than that! Here are the results: Many of our users continually reach top posts! How does this benefit my brand? Eliminate getting lost in Instagram’s feed and get your message heard. Occupy prime real estate in Instagram’s top posts. Save time from dropping all the manual labour. So let’s get started, your time is worth more than a dollar a day right?  

5 Instagram Hacks Brands Must Try

August 21, 2017
There were nearly a dozen new Instagram features that were added 2016, which means organizations need to take their marketing to the next level. Learning Instagram hacks can make you a power user on the app! As more individuals switch to the visual app, brands keep looking for better ways to engage users and get more followers on Instagram. Be that as it may, it’s not just about the follower count– rather, brands need to figure out how to effectively draw in and interact with individuals on Instagram. Instagram is a serious traffic funnel and brand awareness tool. It’s an ideal opportunity to take it up a notch by learning in these Instagram hacks to become a well-rounded social media marketer: 1. Reorder and Prioritize Instagram Filters With 40 unique Instagram filters to use on your pictures and videos, it can be difficult to recall your favorites. Typically brands should adhere to a limited number of filters to ensure there’s cohesion across your content. Using an excessive number of filters can appear clunky and amateurish. Rather, using Instagram’s filter management to organize your best filters and erase the ones your brand doesn’t need. Select your content via the filters then click the gear manage icon. Drag and drop your favorite filters to the top on the list and uncheck any others you don’t need on your Instagram. While this trick may seem obvious and mundane, it spares you a huge amount of time and increases collaboration efforts between team members. Ensure your team only publishes with the right filters by managing and editing them in the app. 2. Hide Your Hashtags At this point you should realize that hashtags and Instagram are the perfect pair. Hashtags help spread awareness, as well as get your audience engaged. One of the most well known approaches to get your audience engaged is with branded hashtags. 7 out of 10 hashtags are branded on Instagram. However, that doesn’t mean you always need to utilize branded hashtags. In any case, some of the general hashtags can be a bit boring for users and many brands have simply concealed their unbranded hashtags to avoid taking up too much real estate. Easily conceal your additional hashtags by adding a second comment with tags or by following these steps: Click the 123 button on your mobile keyboard (iOS). Click return and include either a period, dash or bullet. Hit return again and repeat the process a couple of times to hide your message (Instagram hides after three). Once you’ve used a couple of branded and non-branded hashtags, utilize an Instagram analytics tool like Sprout Social to track, monitor and benchmark your organization’s hashtags. 3. Get Notifications from Competitor Content Brands should always measure their efforts against the competitors to recognize what’s working and things that could improve. Utilizing social media competitive analysis gives you leeway to expand the quality of content and better reach your audience. For brands on Instagram, it’s smart to see what type of content

Why You Should Be Using Videos To Capture Gen Z

August 12, 2017
Display advertising is broken on the grounds that the advertising industry is excessively focused on its own income, not the awful user experience it’s creating. While there is a considerable measure of ad formats that brands and publishers are moving to dislodge, there’s not been sufficient advancement in display itself. Consider this: the first banner advertisement made in 1994 doesn’t look that different from some the ads we see today. Today’s consumers will do practically anything to avoid a digital ad (30% of all internet users will block advertisements by 2018). The difficulties confronted by the industry today – click fraud, viewability, advertisement blockers and individuals not clicking on promotions – are altogether rooted in poor end-user experiences. It makes sense that 69% of GenZ already block advertisements. They’re a video generation, yet advertisers keep on pushing advertisements to them by means of videoless, noninteractive mediums. Snapchat ads are some of the best out there in light of the fact that they embrace the medium that end users connect with: vertical video that is suitable for viewing on a cell phone. Trust me: Normal display ads will be dead in three years. One hope for display How do we solve for the death of display and consumer antipathy for advertisements? Create a better experience for the end user, and begin doing that with the video medium they embrace. Truth be told, the industry has been transforming into video, and the speed at which it’s occurring is increasing. Facebook has been rapidly releasing new video-ad formats; shoppable video advertisements show up on Snapchat and Instagram; and Twitter banded together with Bloomberg Media on 24-hours-a-day news streaming. Video totally revitalizes a customer’s end experience with an ad. For instance, AOL found that mobile video advertisements are five times more captivating than standard banner ads, with technology and business verticals seeing more than 800% higher engagement. Furthermore, ads that incorporate video drive 9X the number of post-click site visits as standard display ads. Video is a versatile, engaging and sharable format – three key factors that any promotion today needs to get through the clamor in a saturated digital scene. Not only would video be able to rapidly convey a message in a engaging way, individuals share well-crafted created video with others. Nobody shares a display ad with their friends. The static display ad will wind up one of those relics our kids chuckle about because, in the long run, video will move into its legitimate place as king of advertising. The industry needs to grasp this, and concentrate on better video user experiences (new formats, best practices on length, substance and brand safety).   Your Friend, The Socialite Media

5 Ways To Use Social Media For Your Business

August 12, 2017
The 5 C’s of Social Media is a way of describing how, at it’s core, social media affords us 5 base opportunities: The ability to contribute – simple sharing of data The ability to comment – your opportunity to have your say The opportunity of conversation – getting associated with exchanges with others The ability to collaborate – work with anybody, anyplace to accomplish a shared objective The opportunity of community – building connections on the web While social media enables us to do numerous things it is these five C’s that shape the core of what it means to me and influences the way in which I utilize it. Contribute This is really crystal clear and, in the current context, would include posting on websites like flickr, blogs, and so on – basically supplying some type of content for the utilization of others. Content sharing has never been simpler and, with methods of delivery like RSS, subscribing to those shared items is a piece of cake. Not every person utilizing social media is a contributor in this sense, yet may contribute in other ways as we’ll see below. Comment Social media does not necessarily suggest that you are a content creator but may in any case have a useful contribution to make via commenting. There are various situations where ‘comment’ is a standalone action and thus warrants its very own classification. A comment is a chance to stand up and be counted or to voice your perspective. Examples of this could be voting, surveys, etc. While standalone comments may not be seen by some as genuinely within the ‘spirit’ of social media they are just as valid and regularly prompt intelligent discussion. Conversation The genuine bread and margarine of social media is the discussion it promotes. While we have always had conversation in one form or another, social media broadens the extent of those discussions by increasing the ease with which we can have them with more individuals in increasing diverse locations. In this way, we are able to extend our own ranges of prominence far beyond that which we would be able to by traditional means. While real world applications for what we call social media might be constrained there is no reason why we can’t apply the ideas to other areas. Take, for instance, the use of cell phones. The universality of these gadgets is undoubtable and we would feel lost without them, yet in so far as their base function (making calls) is concerned there is a great deal more that we could do with them. We take conference calls on the phones in our office for granted, however it seems pointlessly muddled to set up a conference call on a cellphone. Cellphone carriers do, at times, offer the ability but for the most part just to business clients. Why not give this facility to individual customers? We are urged to set up our favorite contacts so that we can reap the rewards of reduced rate calls.

6 marketing strategies to combat the new Instagram algorithm

May 25, 2017
Since June 2016 Instagram has been rolling out it’s new algorithm which they claim is to enhance user experience through  “ordering to show the moments we believe you will care about the most.” What this means is that posts are no longer shown due to timing of the post, they are based on the popularity and relevance to the user. Many users are now finding it hard to be seen and their engagement levels are plummeting due to this new “user experience”. So you may be wondering how do I stay ahead of the curve? Well there are several ways to work with the algorithm to grow your brand. Engage with your brand’s audience: Instagram’s new algorithm ranks users highly who interact with their audiences. The Socialite Media has deployed an engagement strategy with all of their accounts so that brands are constantly engaging with their fans multiple times per day.  A great way to take this strategy to the next level is to engage with your brand’s advocates for instance: If you owned a yoga clothing brand, you could have users post a photo of themselves in your brands clothing even better if it is geotagged to your storefront. This is a great way to increase organic followers, comments and likes. The rise of pods: The intention behind pods is that a group of users collaborate together in liking and commenting on each others social media posts. The increased engagement from comments and likes on the posts will make them more likely to appear higher in their followers’ feeds. The downside is that there are generally a large amount of leechers in each group and they are time consuming hard to monitor for the moderator. At The Socialite Media, we have created a solution to this so the risks associated with liking pods. We now offer a liking pod solution to all current clients. To get started just email us and we will align your account with an appropriate pod. We are also considering putting together a commenting pod, if you are interested drop us a line. Engagement call to actions:  The easiest strategy to keep your brand ranking on top of the content feeds on instagram’s new algorithm is through users likes and comments. Deploying a marketing strategy to encourage users to interact with your brand is a surefire way to keep you on top! Know your niche:  Instagram now filters the images and content posted in order of relevance. You want to make sure your have a clear outline of your target audience and regularly check in with who is following you and whether they align. Make sure you are posting content which is relevant to their interests.  For instance, if you have a business that is in the homewares and lifestyle industry, your content should be structured to conform to that specific niche, such as offers on homewares and stay away from off brand posts such as a MacBook competition. Slow your schedule: While you are

How to grow your social media following

April 26, 2017
Growing a following on Social Media Takes daily work! Here is our top 3 tips on how to grow a social media following and start getting results today. 1. Start interacting through likes and follows on accounts that match your fan base. This is all part of Social Network Marketing. Try it right now, pull out your phone and follow some accounts that are similar to yours, I bet within minutes you will have a new fan. 2. You may not be aware that Instagram has now changed it’s algorithm. Here at The Socialite Media have adapted our strategy to best utilise the new algorithm which means we will cycle between a growth and an engagement strategy for your account. At home you can grow your engagement by taking the time to reply to genuine comments from your fans as this will help you grow your engagement and allows you to continue to rank higher. If you want to take it to the next level hit the search field and type in a topic of your interest. Then go through and make genuine comments on the accounts that peak your interest. 3. Always use 30 hashtags per post! Make sure you add them in the comments section below. If you are unsure of which tags to use, we have a winning three tier strategy that will guarantee to get you in the featured hashtag sections. We can develop this for you for as little at $30. You want to ensure you are breaking through the clutter and are getting found! Keep growing! Your friend, The Socialite Media.

6 Keys of Victorious Video Marketing

April 18, 2017
1. Focus on the story! Before social media if you wanted to communicate with customers you needed to book advertising space to run commercials. Consumers would view these commercials while they were interacting with their favorite shows.  If your creating a video that you want consumers to watch you need to focus on telling a story, so that you are connecting with the consumer. A great example of story telling is Evan, Sandy Hook Promise. Winner of Forbes best commercial for 2016. “The power of this incredible film is that we don’t see it coming. We’re glowing in our satisfaction at the end with our red-headed hero finally finding the girl he’d been corresponding with via desk-writing and…boom.” Will Burns.   2. Create an instant hook Today the average attention span is around 8 seconds, so you want to be able to hook your viewer in that short time span. A great way that journalists do this is by telling the viewer what you are going to tell them! This gives them a reason to keep listening. Gary does a great job at this! 3. Use Facebook to Target Market We all know that you can target advertising on Facebook through age, gender, geographic region, interests and so much more. Buffer allows you to target your Facebook posts through: Age Gender Locations Languages Interests 4. Always have a Call to Action There’s no such thing as a successful marketing campaign unless there is a successful CTA. A few examples of CTA for video use are: Subscribe to your channel Follow / Like your Page Share with your friends Comment on the video Check out other content There are three common positions to add calls to action within videos as Wistia explains on their blog: Pre-roll Calls to Action at the very start of the video ensure that every viewer sees them and has an opportunity to click. Mid-roll Calls to Action can be anywhere between the very start and the very end. They are designed to target viewers when they are most engaged. Post-roll Calls to Action appear at the very end of the video to ensure the viewer is highly interested before being presented with a CTA. After analyzing 481,514 Calls to Action from 324,015 videos, Wistia found that 95.9%  are placing their CTA at the end of the video. Only4% choose the mid-roll option, and a tiny 0.1% go for the Call to Action up front, pre-roll. Interestingly, Wistia’s research also found that mid-roll CTAs appear to convert at the highest rate: Mid-roll CTAs had an average conversion rate of 16.95%, compared with a post-roll conversion rate of 10.98%. We recommend you try a few different CTA and track the success of your conversion rates.       5. SEO Optimisation With more than 3.5 billion searches per day are performed on Google and Google-owned, YouTube, if your not optimising your video content to be found in search engines you are missing out on the potential of large numbers of traffic.   1. Determine your key words What

Instagram is Ghosting Accounts!

April 10, 2017
Ensure you still get seen!   We have all seen those accounts that boasts loads of followers yet the engagement rate is super low! Or perhaps those spammy accounts that comment 100’s of emojis or comments that just don’t make any sense! Instagram has wised up to these bot actions and has introduced a new algorithm and has ghosted spammy accounts. What does this mean? They won’t be seen. Let’s now take a step back for a minute to realise that all software is not bad, its all about how you use it! By combining the power of expert marketing intelligence with software allows you to grow and reach your goals as part of an integrated social media strategy. Here at The Socialite Media we will be cycling our accounts in and out of engagement and growth strategies to ensure that your brand stays on top! Worried that you are getting ghosted? Get in touch with us today and let our team look after your accounts! We can jump start you on an engagement package for as little at $30 per month. Your friend,   The Socialite Media.

What a social media strategy can do for you

March 10, 2017
We have all heard about how we can increase our reach using social or perhaps get leads and make sales. Yet when it comes to the crunch is your social media strategy yielding results? If not it’s time to get a strategy! A social media strategy can: 1. Increase Search Engine Rankings See a rapid increase in your search engine rankings with tried and tested Search Engine Optimisation (SEO) methods such as link building and regular content publication. 2. Increase Brand Recognition and Generate a Loyal Customer Base When your strategy is on point you can use content marketing and social media to further establish your brand, rewarding your existing audience, and reaching new potential customers or even perhaps your competitors customers. 3. Increase Inbound Traffic and Conversion Rate With clear direction your social media strategy can drive targeted organic traffic to lead or sales conversion with appropriate and well designed landing pages, store fronts or sign up lists. 4. Create Quality Content Quality content serves a number of incredibly valuable services, from establishing your business as authority on a topic, to increasing search engine rankings and the number of organic visits to the site. The great thing about good content will continue to drive traffic long after it’s publication. 5. Reduced Marketing Expenses Whereas more traditional forms of marketing can rely on a high volume scattergun approach. The beauty of digital marketing is that with right knowledge and expertise, you have all the tools and data to truly minimise costs and maximise ROI (return on investment). Our team specialise in planning, building and activating brands and websites that are functional, beautiful, and engaging. But we do much more than just design and develop. With technology on our side, we implement the use of cross-platform content, combine the principles of online campaigning and advertising, focus on search engine optimisation (SEO), incorporate pay per click (PPC) advertising where appropriate, explore social media marketing (SMM) and email direct marketing (EDM), examine keyword search trends, use content discovery and understand the importance of considered use of social media to get your name ‘out there’ and in the right places. Google’s search algorithms are confusing and ever-evolving, but are also your friend when treated right. With the correct optimisation of your web pages and appropriate use of keywords and tags (along with a host of other techniques), we are able to market and position your brand or product. Through a methodical auditing and discovery process, we fully engage with you to listen to your needs, research your target audience in order to understand their wants, analyse key performance indicators (KPIs), and offer comprehensive, long-term marketing solutions. Our aim is to develop a sustainable digital plan that will attract audience engagement with your company. Being in the incredibly competitive industry that we are, we understand exactly both how and why a strong digital strategy is necessary to be successful in today’s digital economy. Digital Strategy helps businesses plan effective cross-platform digital marketing campaigns that combine

Integrating Linked in, in your social media strategy

March 10, 2017
Should you want to broaden your organization, then LinkedIn is the best method to begin. Impress prospective clients with information about the variety of years you’ve been in operation, past and current projects while boasting the benefits your company offers. It helps companies who are trying to seek the services of skilled professionals find your services in an easy manor. The best method to acquire others to learn about your company is by way of an organizational profile. It will appear in your header and it will come up every time a connection views you. You can also increase your connection views with The Socialite Media. We can ensure that your profile is viewing and making connections with your target audience through the art of human intelligence and software. Imagine what an extra 200 views a day could do for you? This strategy is much better than the ineffective spam that is thrown out on Linked in today in the form of sending 100’s of unwanted inbox messages and users putting you in mailing lists! That is a pretty fast way to get people to stop trusting your brand and develop negative feelings. If you want to continue growing your professional network on Linkedin look at networking in professional groups. Before posting think about who you are trying to help and who you can align with. You may want to give information regarding the kind of services that you offer or extend a promotional offering for the group members.  For a first time group post try genuinely introducing yourself and connect with users in the group to build relationships. This way you will organically find more clients and when you move into a larger promotional campaign you wont seem as though you are just trying to shove your products down their throats! Your friend, The Socialite Media.

Stay human on social media

March 10, 2017
Social networking is a significant approach to drive targeted traffic to your site, brand or blog. It is becoming a key player for companies and individuals to use when creating an online presence because of the decrease in mainstream media since the domination of the digital media and social networking. We need to remember that social networking isn’t a one-way street! One big mistake brands make is taking there followings for granted.  Social networking is simply that 1. Social 2.Networking! You need to interact and show your audience some love through relationship building strategies such as genuine likes and comments, not the spam comments you see these days that has nothing to do with the instagram image or post. Major turn off guys! Secondly, stay away from the copious direct message that directly sells or sends spam to your new followers that you have not developed a relationship with yet, it is the quickest way to get you unfollowed. If you must integrate a personal message in your social media strategy then think about what will help my audience? What can I give them? What will they find beneficial? We need to be human on social networks not sales orientated robots. Imagine if someone walked up to you at a business networking event and the first line they said was their sales pitch. Or hey I am on instagram, twitter and snapchat follow me here? You would be pretty put off right? Let’s remember that Instagram is absolutely necessary for practically any entrepreneur that has a visual brand or product. It gives the straightforward ability to do highly targeted user interactions and social network marketing with great results at a extremely low cost. Stay up to date with your social strategy with The Socialite Media.
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