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We Are Social Media Marketers

[vc_column_text]Social media marketing and digital media marketing go hand in hand. You can’t have a successful social media strategy if your digital plan fails to convert.  We are digital experts passionate about creating a smart, tactical strategies that support your business goals.[/vc_column_text][/vc_column_inner][vc_column_inner width=”1/3″ css=”.vc_custom_1423768526519{padding-right: 16px !important;padding-bottom: 45px !important;padding-left: 0px !important;}”]

Content Management

Time to outsource your social media management? Let our experts build you a solid strategy and seamlessly implement it on a daily basis. Our winning strategies on Pintrest SEO, Instagram and Facebook Advertising will be the ultimate fuel source to fire up your content.

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Facebook Advertising

Struggling to get conversions from your ads? Not sure how start? We’ll set up, test, optimise and manage your entire campaign in line with your brands goals and objectives. We will fully audit your digital strategy and advise you on critical changes that may need to be implemented. This will enable your campaign for a successful click through rate and conversions.

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Social Media Growth

The Socialite Media specialises in building your social media traffic organically. Generate leads, close sales, measure your click throughs and skyrocket your impressions.

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Digital Strategy

Need a consultant to help you keep things on track? Or perhaps you need some guidance on building your strategy. We help you with your strategy while you look after the implementation.

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Marketing Automation

Ensure your maximising your lead nurturing campaigns and hitting your conversion rate goals. We build a complete automation process for you built on the stages of the consumer life cycle and the goals of your brand.


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Social Media StrategySocial Media FollowingDigital Advertising[/vc_column][/vc_row]

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The Socialite Media Experience

  • Why Us
  • Our Process
  • Our Skills
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Unlimited Possibilities

Align your digital plan with your business goals.

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Quick & Easy Setup

One of our account managers can have you up and running in a day!

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Updates & Support

Detailed weekly and monthly updates. Support from your dedicated account manager.

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30 Day Money Back Guarantee

Love us or get your money back! That’s how confident we are.

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Highly Targeted

Let us show you how we can find your highly targeted market online.

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Customer Rewards

When a friend signs up receive your next month free!

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Large number of Social Accounts

We offer growth on: Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, Pintrest, Google Plus and LInked In.

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Premium Features

Exclusive features allows us to contact pockets of niche markets without being connected on social media. A parameter most can’t get around.

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Extract social networks

Extract users from Facebook Groups, Instagram and Twitter. Send them a competitive offer or call to action.

  • Target Marketing

    We engage with you to get a clear and concise picture of your business needs. We align your marketing goals with your business objectives to make sure we are on target!

  • Find Your Audience

    We find your target audience across digital media pockets and platforms.

  • Deployment

    Combining the best of human and technology we begin to engage your target user to deliver your desired results.

  • Results

    Sit back and enjoy the results. We deliver in depth analytics and recommendations based on these findings to you every week.

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Digital and Social Media Marketing

Digital and Social Media Marketing
[vc_column_text]Digital marketing implements all omni-channels in one campaign. It is important as a brand to carry out an aligned message across all digital channels including social media.[/vc_column_text]
Power of WOM on Social Media
[vc_column_text]Social media networking is one of the best ways to connect and engage your audience online. How you engage your audience is critical to the success of your social media marketing campaign. Word of mouth has always been one of the most effective and powerful marketing tools available.  Studies show that 92% of people believe what their peers say about a brand vs 33% of buyers believing what a brand says about itself. Employing a social selling and peer to peer influence strategy is imperative. Ensure your strategy is on point by working with one of our marketing specialists today![/vc_column_text]
Social Networking and Peer to Peer Influence
[vc_column_text]While there are various elements to all digital marketing campaigns, here at The Socialite Media we have heard a lot of feedback about the lack of results businesses find when they have used paid social media advertising in the past. How does social media network marketing compare to paid advertising? A study by McKinsey shows that marketing inspired word of mouth generates more than twice the sales of paid advertising with a high customer retention rate of 37%! A good digital marketing strategy and execution is imperative to the level of success your brand is achieving through digital media channels.[/vc_column_text]
Results and ROI
[vc_column_text]Today we can measure the value that social media creates with in depth analytics. The Socialite Media sends in depth analytical reports weekly and monthly direct to your inbox. We are able to use this data to innovate current strategies and constantly move in the direction of your market.[/vc_column_text]
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Content Marketing

[vc_column_text]To grow your social media presence and meet your goals and objectives a winning strategy is to segment your messages and content to match the objectives of each individual goal. Campaigns that compel users to get involved also create a large amount of growth! Ensure your strategy is inline with one of our social media experts today.[/vc_column_text]
Digital Marketing Strategy and Implementation100%
Social Media Strategy and Implementation100%
Social Network Growth and Engagement100%
Design and Content Creation100%

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[vc_column_text]Simply select one of our services to partner with one of our dedicated campaign managers.[/vc_column_text]Start Now

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Our Clients


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Content Management
Digital Marketing
Social Media
Social Media Growth
Social Media Management

Baja Trips

Digital Marketing / Social Media

SaltAer – Digital Marketing Services

Content Management / Digital Marketing / Social Media / Social Media Growth / Social Media Management

City Mum

Social Media

Alannah Browne

Digital Marketing / Social Media

Feather and Seed

Social Media

The Fit Girl Box

Branding / Content Management / Digital Marketing / Social Media / Social Media Growth / Social Media Management

Adventure Connects

Branding / Digital Marketing / Social Media

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Fresh News

Stay up to date with the latest digital trends with our cutting edge advice and strategies on our news feed.

3 SEO Steps to Improve The Visibility Of Your Instagram Profile

June 16, 2019
Follow these three simple steps to improve the visibility of your Instagram profile. Search factor #1 Your Instagram Handle Instagram handles are searchable. What does that mean? If a user is looking for a stylist, if you have the keyword in your username your profile will rank in the Instagram search algorithm. When you are trying to increase your social media presence you need to tell people exactly who you are and what you are about. Give them clarity and an immediate reason to follow you. It is no coincidence that when I search the keyword “Fashion” in Instagram 3 out of the top 5 suggestions have the word fashion in their Instagram handle. So, does your Instagram handle show who you are and what you are about? For instance, is it Elisabeth123487 or is it StylistElisabethTate? How can you change your Instagram handle to reflect who you are, what your brand is about and enable it to SEO friendly. Search factor #2 Your Instagram Name This search function also applies to your Instagram name. My personal profile name is Aerialist Vanessa. Why because I want to come up when people are searching for Aerialists or Aerial arts.  Let’s look at the same search term “Fashion” again for an example. The number #1 ranking account in the Instagram suggestion box has the keyword Fashion as the first word of the “Name” of the account. If we look at all of the five first ranking accounts they all have the keyword “Fashion” in the name section of their profile. Take a moment to think about how can you make your username come up in search rankings? What keywords is your target market using to find information on Instagram? You don’t need to completely replace your name like above but you can certainly incorporate it. Search factor #3 Hashtags in your bio Yes, that’s right. Implementing hashtags into your bio makes your profile searchable to all of the niche communities out there. So make sure you implement a # before your interests in your Instagram profile. Let’s look at an example. To the left on Merricks Art one of my favorite bloggers she implements her personal hashtag but misses out on searching in the sewing hashtag segment. Merrick mentions her account is about sewing yet does not enable #sewing to be an SEO factor in bio. To the right on my personal account you can see that all my interests are placed but they have a hashtag in front of them. This makes my account SEO friendly for these communities in Instagrams algorithm. So now we know why it is important to incorporate keywords into your Instagram profile as part of your social media strategy you may be stuck finding the right keywords! Here is a simple solution. How to find keywords for your Instagram Profile: You can use these search tools to help you brainstorm keywords in your niche: Answer the public and Wordstream. Answer the public is my favorite by

5 Strategies For a Succesful Instagram Profile

June 16, 2019
Today we are going to be setting up your Instagram profile for success with 5 simple strategies. ​You may be wondering how we define the success of your account. That can be through several factors depending on your goals for your brand. We will dive deeper into setting the right goals for your critical success factors tomorrow. Some of these could be followers, reach, website impressions or sales. Today let’s focus on building the foundations for your success. Todays tools for success: 1. Your laptop or phone handy with your Instagram account. 2. Pen and paper to write your research on. 3. Stop watch or alarm. Woo! So let’s get started. Step 1: Choosing your Instagram profile picture: Today we want to be setting your profile picture to a nice crisp professional looking photograph that represents your brand on Instagram. We want to be choosing a photograph that resonates with your audience and represents you in a likable authoritative manner. Why? If people don’t like you they are not going to follow you. Unless its a competitor for research 😜. A recent study by PhotoFeeler investigated what elements created the ideal photo for social media profiles. Here are the key take aways. #1 Use Well lit Photos Make sure that your face is lit well and the rest of the photograph. If you have a dark home or office natural light does wonder. Take a photo outside or standing in front of a window so that it naturally lights your body. #2 Wear Your Glasses PhotoFeeler study shows that people wearing eyeglasses were seen as more competent and likable. Ok so don’t simply wear them if you don’t use them we still want to be authentic. Unless you are wearing them for a fashion statement. But if you do normally wear glasses in your day to day life then keep them on for your IG photo. #3 Smile Through Your Eyes When deciding on a facial expression squinched eyes are perceived as someone that portrays comfort and confidence. #4 Show Your Teeth The study further shows that people who had photographs with their mouths closed were half as likable. So make sure you show those pearly whites. Summing it up At the end of the day, you should do your best to balance incorporating these tips with your own personality. For my personal page I decided to steer away from the headshot. This is because it is circus based account. You can see I have a clear crisp photo that represents what the user will be getting from following my Instagram channel. Step 2: Finding accounts in your niche: The suggested user feature is a great way to find accounts in your niche. If your Instagram account is not developed yet I suggest that you use this function on accounts that you are aspiring to be like rather than your own account. 🚨Remember it will show you suggested users for the types of accounts you are interested in. If you have a personal

Check Out The New Instagram Feature: Creator Accounts

June 6, 2019
Instagram has released a new feature The Creator Account! This new Instagram feature gives influencers specialized tools and a new dashboard to manage their account. Instagram is recognizing the value that Influencers create on its platform and now are catering to their needs. According to an Instagram spokesperson, “We’ve gotten feedback that existing tools around business profiles make it difficult to track creator follower growth and engagement over time and that existing business tools weren’t designed with them in mind,” As a marketer, this turn to an influencer centric software development is relieving for me to see. Facebook killed the reach of the Influencer on Facebook pages opting for users to have to use an advertising strategy to gain reach. Deep down I had the same fear that this method may have been adopted on Instagram when Facebook acquired the app. It looks like the company is learning from its mistakes and embracing how powerful Influencers are becoming in this day and age. Kamiu Lee, CEO of Activate, believes, “More tools to access growth insights are going to be a huge win on the side of influencers if done right. By being able to easily see statistics around follower growth, content creators will be able to better pinpoint content that’s resonating with viewers.” The new Instagram creator accounts features include: New Instagram growth insights such as data around follows and unfollows. This data was previously obtained through third-party apps or websites. At the moment you can favorite conversation threads on Instagram but the new direct messaging feature on creator accounts will offer the ability to filter notes. This feature will get many influencers back into their Instagram inbox because the amount of spammy DM’s that go out at the moment is enough to turn anybody off. This new feature will make sure creators don’t miss important requests.New flexible labels that allow users to designate their preferred method of contact. Sneek peak at the branded content user interface Source: Instagram creator accounts are currently in the testing phase The new creator accounts are invitation only while Instagram continues the beta phase. Will you switch to a creator account from a business account? We would love to hear your thoughts. The Socialite Media. Want to know what your Instagram posts are worth? Try the free Instagram Influencer Calculator Wanting to grow your following on Instagram? Check out our social media growth services. Time to increase your engagement on social media? Check out this how to guide. SummaryArticle NameInstagram Tests New Creator AccountsDescriptionInstagram has released a new feature The Creator Account! This new Instagram feature gives influencers specialized tools and a new dashboard to manage their account. Author The Socialite Media

11 Collaboration ideas for Instagram + FAQ

June 5, 2019
Looking for some fun fresh ideas for your social media strategy? Check out our short and sweet list of 11 collaboration ideas for Instagram. 11 Collaboration Ideas for Instagram Run a viral competition that encourages social sharing.Create an Instagram series with a series of experts.Work together on sponsorshipsFeature trending contentRun a page with a collaboratorTake Over The Other’s Pages. Make An Appearance In Each Other’s PhotosMake A Video TogetherStart A Challenge Post TogetherRun A Loop Giveaway TogetherRun An Instagram Ad Together Creating a viral competition. There are a few ways you can create viral buzz around your next competition. Submit your competition to competition websitesMake social sharing an element of entry. Reward actions through extra entries. For instance, each social platform the entrant shares the competition on qualifies an additional entry. Read more about viral competitions here. Create an Instagram series with a series of experts. What does your brand try to achieve? A health food brand could partner with several healthy lifestyle brands to create a series that empowers the user to live a healthier lifestyle. Think about who shares your audience and how you can work together. Every segment has complimentary non competing brands and products. Here are a few niche ideas: Gyms and Health Foods.Dietitians and personal trainers.Email software and accounting software.Beauty blogger and clothing boutique. Let’s run with the first example of gym and health foods. These two niches could work together by creating a 7-day challenge. It could include fitness challenges and healthy recipes that incorporate health foods products. Here are examples of successful co branding: Redbull and GoPro.Uber and Spotify.Nike and Apple. Work together on sponsorships By working together as a team you can increase your offering to brands as a partnership. This may give you the extra audience reach that was needed to land deals with bigger brands that you may not have been able to achieve on your own. Feature trending content Working as an influencer you need to have your finger on the pulse of your niche. Sharing viral content is a great way to stay top of mind with your audience, without having to create all the content yourself all the time. Sharing valuable content will increase your trust with your consumers. Secondly, it may potentially catch the eye of the viral content creators you are promoting. It could be the beginning of a beautiful relationship. A great way to find trending content on Instagram is to simply check out your recommendations feed. Run a page with a collaborator You love fashion she loves makeup. It’s a match made in collaborator heaven. Creating a page together will allow you to reach new users that you traditionally may not have acquired on your own. You can find more details on the rest of the suggestions from our previous article 7 Hot Collaboration Ideas to Grow Your Account. FAQ on Instagram Collaborations What does collaboration mean on Instagram? Collaborating on Instagram means that you team up with another user on Instagram to