6 Keys of Victorious Video Marketing

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1. Focus on the story!

Before social media if you wanted to communicate with customers you needed to book advertising space to run commercials. Consumers would view these commercials while they were interacting with their favorite shows.  If your creating a video that you want consumers to watch you need to focus on telling a story, so that you are connecting with the consumer.

A great example of story telling is Evan, Sandy Hook Promise. Winner of Forbes best commercial for 2016.

“The power of this incredible film is that we don’t see it coming. We’re glowing in our satisfaction at the end with our red-headed hero finally finding the girl he’d been corresponding with via desk-writing and…boom.” Will Burns.


2. Create an instant hook

Today the average attention span is around 8 seconds, so you want to be able to hook your viewer in that short time span. A great way that journalists do this is by telling the viewer what you are going to tell them! This gives them a reason to keep listening.

Gary does a great job at this!

3. Use Facebook to Target Market

We all know that you can target advertising on Facebook through age, gender, geographic region, interests and so much more.

Buffer allows you to target your Facebook posts through:

  • Age
  • Gender
  • Locations
  • Languages
  • Interests

4. Always have a Call to Action

There’s no such thing as a successful marketing campaign unless there is a successful CTA. A few examples of CTA for video use are:

  • Subscribe to your channel
  • Follow / Like your Page
  • Share with your friends
  • Comment on the video
  • Check out other content

There are three common positions to add calls to action within videos as Wistia explains on their blog:

  • Pre-roll Calls to Action at the very start of the video ensure that every viewer sees them and has an opportunity to click.
  • Mid-roll Calls to Action can be anywhere between the very start and the very end. They are designed to target viewers when they are most engaged.
  • Post-roll Calls to Action appear at the very end of the video to ensure the viewer is highly interested before being presented with a CTA.

After analyzing 481,514 Calls to Action from 324,015 videos, Wistia found that 95.9%  are placing their CTA at the end of the video. Only4% choose the mid-roll option, and a tiny 0.1% go for the Call to Action up front, pre-roll.


Interestingly, Wistia’s research also found that mid-roll CTAs appear to convert at the highest rate:


Mid-roll CTAs had an average conversion rate of 16.95%, compared with a post-roll conversion rate of 10.98%.

We recommend you try a few different CTA and track the success of your conversion rates.




5. SEO Optimisation

With more than 3.5 billion searches per day are performed on Google and Google-owned, YouTube, if your not optimising your video content to be found in search engines you are missing out on the potential of large numbers of traffic.


1. Determine your key words

What do you want to be found under when people google a subject? Compile a list of key search words that describe your product or service.

2.Use  these keywords in the title of your video

Now that you know what words you want to rank for you need to use these words in the title of your video.

Just like the title or h1 tag of a web page or blog, the title of your video is a critical factor for ranking on Google and YouTube.

2. Add a description to your video

YouTube and Facebook present the ability to add a description with each video that you post. This is valuable search engine optimisation tool.

Try to include keywords in the description, but don’t go overkill ensure to tell a story about your video and organically place your key words in the story. Here is some recommended reading if you want to find out more: YouTube SEO: The Ultimate Guide (Backlinko)

6. Collaboration is key

According to Neilson Ninety percent of people today trust peer recommendations over company ads. Collaborating with a large volume micro influencers can be a powerful strategy. Teaming up with brands that offer non competing complimentary products and services is another way to expand reach and improve creditability for both parties.





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