5 Ways To Use Social Media For Business to Business

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Are you wondering how you can implement a business to business social media strategy?Read on for our best practice social media strategies for business to business.

The 5’Cs of Social Media

The 5 C’s of Social Media is a way of describing how, social media affords us 5 base opportunities.

The 5 C’s are:

  • The ability to contribute – simple sharing of data
  • The ability to comment – your opportunity to have your say
  • The opportunity of conversation – getting associated with exchanges with others
  • The ability to collaborate – work with anybody, anyplace to accomplish a shared objective
  • The opportunity of community – building connections on the web

Social Media Contribution

You can contribute by posting on websites like flickr, Quora and blogs. Content sharing has never been simpler and, with methods of delivery like RSS, subscribing to those shared items is a piece of cake. This will help you leverage the traffic from their platforms and redirect it your brand.

Social media business to business strategies

Graco – the baby product manufacturer implements a flickr strategy. In 2007, Graco realized it needed to engage active parents over a long term. Their  research pointed to the fact that this target group hated hard sell commercial initiatives. Their solution was to  integrate themselves into parental activities.

This content strategy has enabled them to build a robust community on flickr.  Graco saw a 15% increase in brand perception in 2008, as well as significant positive reviews. The blog went from 59th in the rankings of the ParentPower index within six months of launch to 34th within a year. Graco began to post photos of themselves or user generated content using Graco products.  This approach helped to humanize its brand. By building a vibrant community around, Graco has not only seen an increase in positive impressions, it has also likely mitigated negative ones. Graco has endured several recalls, and has used its social channels to engage with parents – apologizing and discussing solutions.

Not every brand utilizing social media is a contributor in this sense, yet may contribute in other ways as we’ll see below.

Social Media Commenting

Social media commenting gives your brand the opportunity to connect with your audience. These comments can be used  to show your brands personality and commitment to customer service. A great example of this is Jet Blue.

Jet Blue uses their brands sense of humor as part of there conversation and commenting strategy on social media.

Social media business to business strategies

Social media business to business strategies

ocial media business to business strategies

Bud light shows an example of a business to business shout out to Samsung.

A comment is a chance to voice your perspective.  While standalone comments may not be seen by some as genuinely within the ‘spirit’ of social media they can prompt genuine discussion.

Social Media Conversations

The leading opportunity for social media is the discussion it promotes. While we have always had conversation in one form or another, social media broadens the extent of those discussions by increasing the ease with which we can have them. It does not limit the number of individuals in diverse locations. We are able to extend our own reach far beyond traditional means.

Social media conversations gives us the opportunity to  align or collaborate with other brands. This helps you  expand your reach.

Social media business to business

Social Media Collaborations

Kellogg’s gave Bounty a shout out and started a conversation with a complimentary product with the same target audience.

This is a great way of aligning non competing brands with a business to business social media strategy.

Make-A-Wish Foundation & Disney Social Media Collaboration

The Make-A-Wish Foundation partnered with Disney for the #ShareYourEars social media campaign. This savvy user generated content campaign allowed the hashtag to reach an even wider audience  each time someone shared their photo.

Puma & Fenty
social media business to business strategiesPuma and Fenty skin care owner Rhianna joined forces. The spring collection designed by RiRi was described by Rihanna as “Marie Antoinette at the gym.”

Social Media Community

Social media is about individuals. The tools exist because users demand them. Those individuals, and the inspiration they provide. This is the significant asset that social media brings to the table.

Social media communities allows us to build online relationships with like-minded people from everywhere. They key opportunity is to take these relationships off social media and develop these relationships.

What are some of your favorite business social media strategies?

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