How to get featured on Instagram’s explore feed. 

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Every brand wants to rise from obscurity to notoriety.  A shift takes more than luck to get your account  featured on Instagram’s explore feed.

The Instagram Explore page is a coveted piece digital real-estate. Holding a space here is one of the best ways to boost your Instagram results with new followers and a steady flow of digital traffic.

This guide explains how our powerlikes service paired with the below social media strategy will get your brand

Featured on Instagram’s Explore Tab!

There are two main factors that come into play when Instagram ranks and selects content to feature on the explore tab. Step one:

1. Target your Instagram content.

? Target your niche and stay there! Instagram’s explore feed aims to tailor content for every single user. This is integrated by selecting posts based on what the user is interested in. This is reflected by what the user likes and follows on their Instagram account.

Your content must be relevant to your target market. The best way to achieve this is to consistently post in your niche. Your why. Why are users following you? Is it fashion advice? Daily Inspiration?  Over time, Instagram recognizes patterns in what each user is engaging with, and shows content based on these learned formulas. This is  part of Instagram’s new usercentric design.

When you consistently post in your niche  your content will be recognised by Instagram’s algorithm. Now your content needs to be considered valuable to be  recommended.

You may be wondering how does Instagram determine the quality or value of my account? A big factor is your engagement.  This is where we move into step two:

2. Powerlikes!

Get powerlikes straight after posting! You need a large number of timely engagements on your Instagram posts. This demonstrates that your content is interesting and it is in demand.

So you may be wondering how to work out the golden number of likes you need? This is dependent on how competitive your niche is. Explore similar accounts in the explore page. Head on over to their feed and look at the number of engagements several of their posts have.  This will give you a target number of engagements to implement in your social media strategy.

It is important to note that not all Instagram likes are created equally!  Likes from larger accounts have increased authority and enable a larger boost in Instagram’s algorithm.

Here are some Instagram accounts we got featured on the explore page this week.

How I got featured on instagram's explore page How I got featured on instagrams explore pageHow I got featured on instagrams explore pageHow I got featured on instagrams explore page


This method you will find will not only get you featured on Instagram’s explore page you will find that if you nail your hashtag strategy your Instagram account will feature in top posts too!

Get featured on Instagrams top postsHow To Reach Top Posts in InstagramHow To Reach Top Posts in Instagram

Get your brand exposed with our powerlikes service here! 

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