How I use hashtags to Go Viral on Instagram and how you can too!

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How to go viral on Instagram


I have a secret hashtag recipe that I use to go viral on Instagram 

How I use hashtags to go viral on Instagram and how you can too!

Instagram’s top posts  is great place to sit for a brand, especially if you want to go viral. For most users Go Viral on Instagram is an elusive unicorn they can’t obtain.

This post is a game changer and we are going to tell you exactly how to Go Viral on Instagram with two simple steps!

Choosing the right hashtags to Go Viral on Instagram.

Hashtags are communities build around an interest and movement. Being able to place your brand in the top posts of these highly targeted communities that are readily pre-made is gold.

Hashtags have become so popular for breaking down communities Instagram has implemented a new feature.

You can now follow hashtags just like users! 

Even more reason as to why it is so important to start ranking on Instagrams top posts. So you want to get into the top 9 posts on Instagram right?

There is a two-step strategy for achieving this.

Most people go for the large and most popular hashtags but that is a no-no! Especially if you are a startup account. Your hashtag will go to waste. Why?  You are going to get lost in the feed of millions of users who are also trying to catch the attention of that hashtags audience. The key is:

You want to be able to outrank other accounts.

If no one can see you then your opportunity to go viral is very low.  To do that you need to go niche.

I like to spice up my hashtag recipe with:

  1. 2:3 smaller hashtags being 50k and under
  2. 1:3 popular, trending or viral Instagram hashtags.

To help you decide on how large or small to go simply:

  1. Look at how many likes the top posts have on them. That will give you an indicator on whether you need to move to a smaller hashtag to gain that precious real-estate.

Let’s look at a real-life example of an Instagram hashtag strategy:

How to go viral on InstagramOn my personal account @jadorevanessa. An account that indulges in aerial arts, dance and flexibility.  I use the following hashtags on some of my posts:

#aerialbeauty #yogajournal #Lyra#acrobatics #trapeze #yoga #aerialarts

How to go viral on Instagram


In the above hashtags, I have applied the three-tier hashtag strategy. When we go to view the hashtag #aerialdancer on the bottom left-hand photo we can see that in the top posts there are features with only 58 likes. As my average engagement is over 2.2k likes I can safely assume that I will hit the top posts here.

It does take a little bit of time to curate your hashtag strategy for Instagram but it is well worth it. I have a range of hashtag strategies that I use depending on what I am posting about, for instance, flexibility, acro yoga or aerial arts. Once I have finished my research I like to save all of my hashtags for Instagram in my notes folder so that I can easily cut and paste them into my scheduled posts making it fast and painless.

So now that we have planned our hashtag strategy we need to move on to the second part of our winning viral strategy which is boosting our engagement levels on Instagram so that we are moving up into the top 9 posts and the explore feed.

Boost your post with Instagram Likes

The second step is to get those likes! Wait a minute isn’t that why we are here? Yes, so you need to boost your engagement quickly when you release a new post on Instagram. The faster the engagement rate the more likely your post will be featured in your follower’s news feed.  Instagram’s algorithm will deem the activity as high ranking content. We also know we need to get a certain number of likes for top posts.

How to achieve a high level of likes on Instagram

You can achieve this by joining an engagement pod. An engagement pod is where users comment or like each other’s content. You need to remember that the purpose of the pod is not for vanity likes. It is to rank your content so that you are going viral in the top posts. Once you start ranking your posts will begin to be featured.  You will notice a lot of new activity from new users onto your Instagram account.

This is the snowball effect that we want. New users to your account to interact with your brand. Why? So  you can:

  1. Engage with them.
  2. Build a relationship.
  3. Move them towards buying your products or services.

The downside to using manual Instagram pods is that they take up a lot of time! Secondly, there is always pod leechers. Sometimes it takes a while to find a good pod, just like anything in life.

Luckily you can skip the pain of pod leechers and wasting your time.

We have an automated pod service.

You can skip the leechers and sit back and enjoy the results.

You can get started here.

For only $20 a week it’s saving you money! Why? The amount of time you spend interacting with all of these new Instagram accounts takes hours. Then you can spend your time in more meaningful ways such as engaging new users with comments and moving these new leads into your sales pipeline.

Make sure you tag us #welovesmedia so we can see you start hitting top posts!!! So let us know did you Go Viral on Instagram? You will if you implement this simple hashtag recipe!

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Your friend,


The Socialite Media.

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How to go viral on Instagram?

  1. Create killer content
  2. Collaborate with others
  3. Advertise your post
  4. Add a tag and regram call to action
  5. Have a strong hashtag strategy
  6. Promote your post through email
  7. Approach user-generated content accounts to regram your post

How to make an Instagram video go viral

  1. Research trending videos
  2. Create a professional video
  3. Collaborate with others on the video
  4. Advertise your video
  5. Add a tag and regram call to action
  6. Have a strong hashtag strategy
  7. Promote your post through email
  8. Approach user-generated content accounts to regram your video

How do you get your post featured on Instagram?

Instagram chooses which accounts it features. There is no exact guide although here are some handy tips:

  1. Tag feature account in your photos.
  2. DM feature accounts as a follow up to post your content.
  3. Use niche and mass audience hashtags in your captions.
  4. Have a caption that invokes a response. This could be a story or a question.
  5. Post your photo on Instagram.
  6. Partner up with other accounts to do shoutouts.
  7. Get more Instagram followers.

How do Instagrams go viral?

Instagrams generally go viral when the content they make is of high quality and is highly sought after. For instance a friend of mine is a swimsuit model. Her account went viral and grew to 100k in two months. This was because she was getting a lot of regrams from feature accounts.

I had another friend who had a similar experience. He is a photographer and has two accounts. One is general photography the other nudes. (Instagram approved nudes). That account went viral too.

The main take away is to create content that others can use and want to. Secondly make sure your content is of value so that you continually give your audience a reason to come back.

How many views does it take to go viral on Instagram?

There is no fixed number to achieve virality on Instagram. Viral Instagram content is content that gets significantly more engagement than normal.

You know you have a viral Instagram post when it has 100,000+ likes and views and thousands of comments compared to your normal engagement of a few hundred likes or comments.

This is generally because you have been featured in the top nine or in the explore feed so many new users are able to find you.

How do you go viral?

We have achieved viral posts for our clients by:

  • Implementing a strong hashtag strategy
  • Adding a powerlikes service
  • Developing content that is in line with the audience
  • Adding a strong call to action
  • Adding a prize or giveaway element to the post
  • Collaborating with several Instagram users on viral content creation

How to find viral content on Instagram

  • Check the explore feed to see what is being featured
  • Check the top nine posts on hashtags with large audiences
  • Look at Instagrams feed

How to go Viral on Instagram.
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How to go Viral on Instagram.
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