How two emails tripled my sales

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Are you struggling to convert email subscribers to sales? Perhaps you are trying increase the frequency of sales?

Read on I am going to tell you how I tripled my sales in the first month of January 2018. This post contains affiliate links and the exact method I used which was email sales.

Like most marketers I know the value of your database. I have always concentrated on building it as a top priority in my business and other brands I have worked with. Your email database is a targeted list of warm leads and is your most valuable sales tool. It’s from here we can pick low hanging fruit so to say. After all the acquisition cost of a new customer is quite high. So we want to ensure that your email nurturing strategy converts.

Lets get started!

The tools you will need to implement this strategy is a marketing automation system I use ConvertKit and some time to really put it all together. I like ConvertKit because it is affordable, easy to use and they have great support. They will literally give you hands on training to empower you to get up and running in the most effective way for your business.

I used to use MailChimp for my emails, which a lot of people start out with. Generally because it’s free and it creates beautiful content without having to be a designer. The downside is that it has a very low click through rate. You will find that your emails will get stuck in junk, promotions, social or spam folders.

Segment your Email Database

The first thing I implemented in my strategy was to segment my current database. The consumer goes through different stages of the sales cycle as they move from the awareness stage to purchase. We need to tailor our communication message accordingly.



A simple way to start out would be to segment your database into:

  • Purchased
  • Warm leads
  • Cold leads

I recommend to-do this by using the tagging feature in ConvertKit. It will make it easier in the future when we delve into more advanced strategies .

Action: Create three tags, purchased/client, warm lead, cold lead.

Create an automation

Now that your audience is segmented let’s create our first automation. Let’s start with the example of a cold lead. Let’s just clarify to start, since the user has already signed up for your hook the lead is not purely cold, although I like to use this tag because there are advanced features in ConvertKit that can track how the user interacts with your content. For instance we can add the tag to warm lead if the recipient merges from your email to your website to check your product.


Looking at the consumer purchasing cycle we can see that email one needs to be stimulating the awareness and consideration stage. Why you may ask? You want to be able to connect the features and benefits that your product has by educating your audience. In order to start moving the consumer from consideration to purchase perhaps you would like to add some short reviews about your product at the end to give your product or service social proof.

How I tripled my sales with two emails
In fact, according to research by Deloitte, 60 percent of people rate reviews as equally trustworthy as information from friends and family.


Action Items:

  1. Set up your first email sequence in ConvertKit.
  2. Fill your first email with educational content and end it with social proof.
  3. Do not add to many photos, your email will get penalized. 1 or 2 is sufficient.
  4. Proof read and hit publish. You could set this up from 1 day to 1 week after subscription depending on the brand and product/service.

Email 2 Case Studies or Product in Action

Another great tool to move consumers along the decision buying cycle is Case Studies. This shows how your product can help solve the problem or fill a need.

PrestaShop does a great example of this by featuring success stories of their e-commerce shop owners. By publishing case studies and key takeaways empowers PrestaShop users to implement these strategies.

how I tripled my sales in a month

Action Points:

  • Put together a case study
  • What wins has your customers experienced?
  • What ways has your product or service enhanced your customers lives?
  • Set up your second email to follow up with your new case study. As a rule of thumb you don’t want to contact your subscribers any less than once a month.

I would love to hear what results you get! Stay tuned we will have more tutorials on increasing your revenue through the latter stages of the consumer cycle.

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