Another reason to cultivate a higher engagement rate is here., which is designed to keep influencers on the platform as much as possible by pushing certain content to the top of users’ feeds. “The more users engage with an influencer on Instagram, the more the algorithm favors the influencer’s content and shows that content to their own audience,” says Jessi Afshin, who runs the Austin-based style blog here. and here.. “You get out what you put in, but it’s never-ending.” Thank fully we have a handy guide on how to get you moving into the top posts of Instagram. You can read it here.

So now you can see there are so many ways to value an Instagram post worth!

  1. Your Direct Sales Value
  2. Affliate % Value
  3. CPM Value
  4. The Content Creation Value

Perhaps it’s time to start cashing in on your Instagram account?

So you want to build an Instagram following?