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Fuel your Pinterest account with Pinterest group boards.

A great way to increase your social media presence on Pinterest is by utilizing group boards. A Pinterest group board is a Pinterest board that has several collaborators. The group board is featured on all of the collaborator’s profiles.

This allows you to piggyback off the traffic of several Accounts. What this means is that you can increase the traffic to your Pinterest profile, to your pins and generate a higher amount of traffic that converts to your website by using group boards.

It is important to ensure that you are teaming up with quality boards that are focused on your niche. For example, this could be niches such as beauty, fashion or home-wears.

If you are simply spamming boards with irrelevant content you will end up being banned from the group board.

You need to ensure that the pins you are creating are a good representation of the content the user will find when they reach your website.

If you create misleading pins you will increase your websites bounce rate. Why is this bad? Because it will signal to Google that your website content is not engaging and it will lower your search engine ranking.

How to find Pinterest Group Boards:

We have several group boards that you can join.

Pintrest group boards for business

Opportunities include:

  • Entrepreneur Advice
  • Marketing Strategies
  • Business Management
  • Creativity Boosters
  • Website Design Ideas
  • Career Advice
  • SEO for Beginners

Rules are as follows:

  • Must follow our Pinterest Account.
  • Only high-quality vertical pins are allowed.
  • The maximum amount of pins you can add daily is 10 per board.
  • No duplicate pins in the same week
  • Do not add pins that are off topic.
  • (Affiliate links are fine as long as they are relevant.)

Any pins or pinners that are found breaking these guidelines will be removed without notice.
If you made a mistake, you can re-apply.

Place your details below for your invitation.
Thank you for understanding and happy pinning!

Find Pinterest Influencers

Another way to find Pinterest group boards is by searching for Pinterest influences in your niche. 

When you find some high quality influences simply head on over to their profile and start going through their boards. Generally you will find that the group boards are towards the bottom of the feed.

If the board is still open for collaboration you will find that there will be information any about board section which will tell you how to join the board. Generally you need to follow the creator comment on that pin and send them an email.

Not all group boards are open for new collaborators. 

Use PinGroupie

Pin groupie is a website that has hundreds of Pinterest bonds that are open for collaboration. These are sorted by niche. Pin Groupie shows you statistics on the number of collaborators on the board and the number of followers the board has.

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