How to get your first 500 Pinterest followers fast!

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Have you ever wanted to grow your Pinterest account with quality traffic? Then this is the article for you!

We are going to show you exactly how we grew our Pinterest account to boast 121k monthly views in less than six months. So let’s get started on the guide: How to get your first 500 Pinterest followers fast!

How we grew our Pintrest account to over 121k views per month


Introduction to: How to get your first 500 Pinterest followers fast

If you’ve ever felt like your spending hours of your day in Pintrest follow for follow groups and making sure you havn’t missed anyone, I can relate because I used to do that too! Well, I’m here to tell you that it doesn’t have to be this way. In fact half of those followers in your pods will more than likely not even be interested in your product because they are not your target market. So then you need to ask yourself what exactly am I achieving by doing this?  Social proof 100%, targeted followers  well No. You need to come back to your why? Why are you investing your time and brand in Pintrest?

Why Pinterest?

Pinterest has over 25,000,000 users and over 47% of US online shoppers have purchased on Pintrest. That is a big opportunity. But if the majority of your traffic are followers not interested in your market then there is no point having them at all. You are loosing your time that could be better invested in other elements of your business.

What is your time worth?

If you are spending more than two hours a week doing this and earn more than $10 an hour I can tell you that it’s not worth the opportunity cost. You want to invest your time in better strategies that give greater return and automate the rest. After all this is the 21st century.

Follows, Repins, Likes, Clicks and Comments are all opportunities on Pintrest for you to drive traffic to your site. So you can hit them with a great lead magnet or sale. You can get started with this service here!

Follow Pinterest Users and Boards

Follow other users and boards in your niche and target audience. By follow a significant amount of people every day is a great way to have a steady growth.  It gets your account in front of other users.

You can set up an aim to follow 500-1,000 users a day. You will see that your account will automatically begin to populate with followers.

We love to automate this as we can follow users and boards based on your niche for only $20 a week. I can tell you that you would spend more than an hour doing this and your time is worth money so you are better off automating what you can and spend your hours on better things. To get started simply click here.

I often get the feedback of, ‘How do I know that this strategy will work for me?’ The truth is following users and boards has consistently produced results for 100% of customers. We also are going to include a money-back guarantee for the first 30 Days of our service so if your not happy we will refund you.

Pinterest Follow Pods

The same theory applies here as above. Since we can automate a return follow for new followers this means that you can submit your account to copious follow for follow threads without having to do any of the leg work. It also means that you don’t follow any of those pesky leechers. There are always a few that you follow and never follow back. Grrrr. To get our Pinterest Growth Machine click here.

Pinterest Group boards

Social media collaboration is one of the all important 5c’s of social media. In order to gain more followers you can collaborate with popular group boards that have a large number of followers, because this way they will be able to view your pins too.

Large boards that are open for group collaboration will have instructions in the header. Here is an example of one of ours:

How to submit your pintrest account to group boards

We currently have several boards open for collaboration in the Digital Marketing and Sales sectors. If you would like to join them you can apply here:

By pinning your pins on large boards that are brimming with high quality content that is relevant to your audience allows you to gain greater reach without having to use advertising spend.

Use Keywords and Hashtags

Using the right  keywords in your description and your image files to improve the SEO rankings of your Pintrest boards. The use of hashtags is also very important as that will help you in reaching out to a bigger audience and is a relatively new feature on Pinterest.

How to Schedule on Pinterest

Like all social media platforms you want to have a consistent schedule of appealing content for your audience. You don’t want to be moving towards that fine line of over use or social spamming otherwise they will simply unfollow you and damage your brand.

There is a lot of noise in the digital spectrum so we believe less is more. If you implement a savvy strategy you are better off working on getting your pins to go further by implementing a reach strategy rather than  frequency (re-pinning many times a day).

So how many times should you repost? That is all dependent on the number of boards you have and the number of shared boards you are participating in.

I pin anywhere from 5-10 pins per day if they are worthwhile. I use Tailwinds scheduler that shows me the key times I should be posting based on my audiences engagement levels with my account.  Then it automatically posts for me so I only need to plan out my pinning once a month! Get tailwind here:

(This is an affiliate link but I have to say I love it and only recommend tools I personally use and find contribute value)

Implement Rich Pins

Rich Pins provide more context about an idea because they show extra information directly on a Pin. They also increase your SEO in Pinterest and Google. Rich pins allows the user to purchase a product, download an app, make a recipe or see the header of an article with out having to leave the Pinterest browser experience. How does this help? It allows users to view your content and purchase seamlessly. The less steps the user needs to make to get them to your desired action = increased conversion rate.

Here is what the viewing experience is like on the four types of Rich Pins: app, product, recipe and article.

How to get your first 500 Pintrest followersHow to get your first 500 Pintrest followers How to get your first 500 Pintrest followers How to get your first 500 Pintrest followers

Tailwind Tribes

Tailwind Tribe is an online community made up of bloggers and influencers sharing content in a similar niche. You share your blog posts to the Tribe and if your Tribemates like your content, they’ll share it to their Pinterest Boards for their audience to see.

Vice versa, you can discover new content from your Tribemates to pin to your Pinterest Boards. This collaborative marketing strategy is exclusive to Tailwind Tribes – and it works. The good thing is that you are all working on the same niche and share a common audience that is interested in your market segment.

How to get your first 500 Pintrest followers fast

Then you can check and see how many times your content has been shared or repinned. As you can see I am getting some pretty worthwhile numbers from 100 to over 300 pins in two weeks!

How to get 500 followers fast on Pintrest How to get 500 followers fast on Pintrest How to get 500 followers fast on Pintrest



Here is what some of our clients are saying about us!

The Socialite Media Customer TestimonialsThe Socialite Media Customer TestimonialsThe Socialite Media Customer Testimonials The Socialite Media Customer Testimonials


Our boards are at 2.5k in followers and 121k monthly reach on our account! 

How to submit your pintrest account to group boards How we grew our Pintrest account to over 121k views per month How I got 22k Pintrest Board Followers and How you can too How to get your first 500 Pintrest followers fast


Did you implement all the steps on how to get your first 500 Pinterest followers fast? We would love to hear how fast your Pinterest grows with the following strategies! If you have any other tips, strategies or feedback please comment below! We love hearing from you.


Your friend,


The Socialite Media.

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