7 Hot Collaboration Ideas to grow your Instagram

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Are you ready to grow your Instagram account? Here are our 7 hottest collaboration ideas to fire up your followers fast.

The 7 Best Collaboration Ideas For Instagram Growth

The influencer market is a hot commodity at the moment. Everyone wants to be in it. Brands, and consumers. The hot question everyone is asking is how do you grow your followers fast? If you take it back to the old school marketing methods we come to the basic principals of marketing being the  traditional 4 p’s. Product, Price, Place and Promotion.

The 4 P’s of Marketing implemented into Social Media Planning

Today we can incorporate Place and Promotion by utilizing the power of cross-promotion in digital media. I can tell you this is a powerful tool! Especially in today’s media environment with highly targeted niche audiences. 

Find an Instagram collaborative buddy

By creating content with collaborators that have a similar niche audience can be a powerful growth tool! If you’re stuck on trying to find users to collaborate with join our group for collaborations with accounts 10k+ here.  

Great so now that you have found a buddy! Let’s talk about how you can grow together with our 7 hottest collaboration ideas to grow your following fast!

1. Make An Appearance In Each Other’s Photos

This is a great way I have found many new influencers feeds to follow. When I am scrolling through one of my favorite accounts binging on their beautiful content and they feature a new friend if I like the look I jump on over to the new account.

7 Hot Collaboration Ideas to grow your Instagram

Find some influencers to collaborate with on Instagram and make an appearance in each other’s photo’s, and tag one another! Doing this will organically draw interest to the other person, and encourage many people to check the other person’s profile of their own accord. While this may be a little hard geographically you should always be on the hunt for new social partners if you are going to seriously grow your account.

Keeping it real

Remember to keep it organic, so simply tag your new friend and let the users feel like they’re doing it all by themselves, without being pushed. This is usually a very effective way of doing things and ensuring audience crossover. I love this one from Gabby Epstein it is so cute and totally flawless. The shout out does not appear as one and is organic.

2. Make A Video Together

A video is a great way to captivate users on Instagram. Instagram is a visual social feed and is still primarily a static feed. Video is a great performer! Try collaborating by making a video together.

Cross promote the video by posting on both of your profiles, and should directly link to the other person’s profile to ensure that both audiences see it and are encouraged to look at the other person’s Instagram page.

Utilizing Instagram Video

Instagram videos currently allow videos anywhere from 3 seconds (think Vine or Snapchat) to a full minute. This is plenty of time a short comedic skit, and with the minute time restriction, you can look to Vine’s best for some creative ways to work around making great impressions in a short amount of time.

As long as it’s good, videos will keep your viewers fairly engaged and encourage them to follow the people involved.  You can see that users will start to drop off naturally at the 20-second mark so you want to ensure you get your main message across at the beginning of the video.

7 Hot Collaboration Ideas to grow your Instagram

Keep the amount of collaborators in a video to two or three, though- any more, and you’ll risk overflowing them with pages to follow, and that could be a real problem. There’s only so much you can reasonably do in a minute of footage, anyways.

Chatting on video?

If your video is narrated or has any speaking in it, don’t forget to add captions. According to Digiday, 85% of Facebook video is watched without sound. Though Facebook is a different platform, it’s fair to draw parallels in this case in terms of the nature of video content consumption.

If you are looking for killer video content ideas check out @mindy and @wanderlust who are global travelers creating content for hotels and resorts around the globe.

3. Start A Challenge Post Together

This is a great one! Challenge posts tend to spread quickly on Instagram since people love to take part in interactive activities and pass on the challenge to their friends.

Challenge post tips

I like to incorporate at least four members in a challenge and a sponsor as it involves more users which gets more eyes and impressions on your profile. Make sure you post it on all your profiles while linking to the other person and create a special hashtag just for the challenge.

I personally have grown thousands of followers overnight from challenges!  Generally, I implement 3, 4 and 5 together as a strategy.

7 Hot Collaboration Ideas to grow your Instagram 7 Hot Collaboration Ideas to grow your Instagram

4. Run A Contest Together

I like to put this strategy with the challenge post. Your challenge can be a contest. Depending on your execution, this can work similarly to what a challenge post would be. As you can see the post above actually incorporates ideas 3, 4 and 5 into one.

Contests will really push the limits of what people will do on Instagram.

With a challenge post, you want something reasonable that people can probably do within an hour, at most, to participate. With a contest, you’re welcome to go wild, since you’ll definitely be offering a prize. The better the prize, the wilder it should get!

Instagram contest entry requirements

Contest entries should all require a share of the original post, and the main entry post in the contest-specific hashtag. This will help with the virility of the campaign.

In the past, I have used #30DaysofLyra it is a great way to monitor the reach and success of your campaign.

Instagram growth

5. Run A Loop Giveaway Together

A loop giveaway will require multiple people or a loop. With a loop giveaway, entrants are told to follow a loop and follow all the people within the loop for a chance at a very good prize.

Typically, you’ll do this by having everyone post the same photo, then tagging the next person in the chain so a participant can just keep clicking and following to make their entry.

The ups and downs of loop giveaways

Because of the effort required, prizes need to be good enough to incentivize such a thing. Personally, I would rather have all the users tagged together in the one comment section of the post. But the upside to the loop is that the users need to scroll through your feed in order to find the competition post.

Instagram giveaway loops Instagram giveaway loops Instagram giveaway loops Instagram giveaway loops

6. Run A Page Together

This may come off as a no-brainer, but it’s one of the Instagram collab ideas not many people seem to think of. Run an Instagram page together! This page doesn’t need to have personal posts from either of you- instead, it can post themed pictures, memes, and more, depending on the theme you want to go for with this page.

If your collaboration page is popular, you’re likely to get plenty of new followers coming into both of your main accounts from the page you run together.

Feature trending content for growth

A lot of large accounts grow by featuring other accounts. It allows the account to spread like wildfire as you have so many collaborators. Then you can direct your traffic to your personal accounts with regular shout outs.

Yoga giants Kerry (beachyogagirl) and Kino MacGregor have started their dual account.

Instagram collaboration pages

7. Work Together On Sponsorships

Last but not least, there’s working together on sponsored posts. Many Instagrammers work with sponsors: this is a dual-sided relationship, where the IGer works for money or rewards and the sponsor receives their advertising in return.

Working a friend on Instagram into this loop will make this deal even more attractive for the brand involved, and make the posts more interesting for you and your followers!

Get your media kit in order

To work on sponsorships you should look at getting a good media kit together. Then you can both propose rates and give a measurement on what you can return for your rates.

It’s always a good idea to put together three ideas to pitch with three price points. This will allow you to upsell and give value for money by offering more posts at a lower rate if they purchase 5 Instagram posts instead of two.

You can buy our template media kit here for only  $14.00

Influencer media kit


Information Roundup!

Now that we have gone through all the strategies we thought we would bullet point it in a handy list for quick reference.

11 of the best Instagram Collab ideas:

  1. Run a viral competition that encourages social sharing.
  2. Create an Instagram series with a series of experts.
  3. Work together on sponsorships
  4. Feature trending content
  5. Run a page together
  6. Take Over The Other’s Pages.
  7. Make An Appearance In Each Other’s Photos
  8. Make A Video Together
  9. Start A Challenge Post Together
  10. Run A Loop Giveaway Together
  11. Run A Page Together


What has helped you grow your account?

We can help you rapidly grow your Instagram account with our Instagram Growth and Powerlikes Packages. 

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7 Hot Collaboration Ideas to grow your Instagram Account
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7 Hot Collaboration Ideas to grow your Instagram Account
Are you ready to grow your Instagram account? Here is our 7 hottest collaboration ideas to fire up your Instagram followers fast.
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