The Secret to Selling Your Products on Instagram

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How to sell with Instagram! As an online retailer, when you consider Instagram, what first rings a bell? Do you think about a humming commercial center brimming with potential purchasers, all prepared to haul out their Visas to purchase the item you are offering?

Instagram is something other than a gathering of beautiful, styled pictures. With over 800 million clients online Instagram can possibly expand your sales by turning your followers into clients. Did you know that, 60% of Instagram users discover new products because of Instagram.

How People Find Products on Instagram

When browsing online users use key words in Google or Bings search tool to find what they are looking for. On Instagram users search a little differently. Searches are performed around communities that are developed around hashtags. If you were after a pair of pink unicorn socks or you just love rainbow there is a community built around these niches. All you need to do is simply enter the phrase in the search icon and you will see that there is a community there for you on nearly any topic or interest. When you are looking to grow you instagram and montazise it you want to begin including hashtag communities as part of your marketing strategy. But you may be thinking how can I sell with Instagram? We are getting there now.

How to sell on Instagram

#UnicornSocks Has over 7,000 tags on their unicorn socks community. This would be a great opportunity to tag unicorn socks or unicorn products. Engage with users and see what they are interested in or looking to buy!

Developing an Instagram hashtag strategy

With the algorithm constantly changing you want to make sure you have a strong hashtag strategy. The right hashtags and level of engagement can send your brands content into the highly coveted Instagrams top posts.

Images in the top posts are highlighted for an extended period of time. Many users searching via hashtag and that increased demand has lead to the development of following hashtags in Instagram. Hitting top posts is another way to have your brand exposed to users that are searching for the particular topic, interest or community. It is the Instagram equivalent of hitting the first page on Google.

You can read more about how to nail this strategy on my post How to reach Instagrams Top Posts.  

How to make more sales on Instagram

Step 1: Grow Your Reach for More Sales

Growing your reach will help you sell more of your products on Instagram. If you increase your reach, you also increase the number of potential customers who are viewing your products. While your content needs to be flawless the marketing behind your social media account takes at least 70% of the work in order to be successful.

So what is this 70% that goes behind the scenes?   Firstly you need to maximize engagement –  the likes and comments you receive.

  1. Our Instagram growth machine can help you grow your account and teamed with our engagement pod will give your account a head start in reaching top posts and the explore feed.
  2. Getting shout outs from influencers in the industry is a great way to send new and engaged followers your way. We have a free shout out networking group for Instagram users with over 10k followers. You can join here:
  3. Get featured on accounts of key influence. If you are in the family industry we have compiled a list of accounts that feature other family accounts. You can get it here.
  4. Swap manual pods for real life commenting. Instead of spending an hour returning comments in a comment pod click on some hashtags that are relavent to your audience and start chatting away. You will find the engagement will flow right back to you and you create brand awareness with potential buyers that are interested in your product.


Step 2: Create Instagram Posts That Sell

Images That Sell

how to sell on Instagram

Great news for product sellers using Instagram! 65% of the top-performing Instagram posts are product photos, meaning Instagram users want to see photos of your products.

When selling on Instagram, your images need to appeal to your followers to help you grow your reach and increase engagement, which can help you land on the explore page and get within the top posts for your chosen hashtags. Gorgeous, professional-quality photos are a must on Instagram. Resist the urge to post anything that isn’t clear and beautifully lit.

More importantly they need to have the functionality to be able to purchase. Depending on your sales style there are two options you can use.

For the direct seller

set up Instagram shopping on your posts

Big Cartel or Shopify which allows you to purchase without leaving the app. With the average abandon cart rate at 60% the less clicks to check out the lower your abandon cart rate will be.

In order to use this functionality all of your products need to be listed on your website and available for sale.

The shopping bag and price point options on the products educates the user that the post is shoppable.

For the reseller

If you are a reseller then you might find Reward Style a better option for you. Reward style allows you to shop your posts on Instagram, Snapchat, Pintrest and Facebook. By screencapping like to know it images and opening them in the like to know it app you can shop the image.

One thing I absolutely love is that users in the like to know it app are looking to shop only! This means sales are a lot higher than other social media apps. Any images that are liked in the app are emailed to you as a handy follow up and is a good strategy to encourage that purchase.  Here is my favorite style crush Olivia Rink.


The Secret to Selling Your Products on Instagram






How to sell on Instagram

How to sell on Instagram

Reward Style is an invitation-only end-to-end content monetization platform for top-tier digital style influencers and brands around the world. To get invited send me an email with your details.

Displaying your digital creative


The Flat Lay

How to sell on Instagram

A flat lay is a styled arrangement of items shot from directly above.  Not only are flat lays trendy, they are also a visually appealing way to organize multiple products and catch your users’ attention.

Lifestyle and Product Combination

Lifestyle photos account for 43% of the most-liked photos on Instagram, so why not combine a lifestyle photo with your product and showcase how it can be used in real life? Or take it a step further with Video!

People and Product Combination

How to sell on Instagram


Instagram photos with faces get 38% more likes. Adding people in your posts will bring your product to life and show how it can be used in real-life situations. The Alo Yoga team have a great collection of yoga ambassadors that curate stunning content in their gear.

Always Include a Call-to-Action (CTA)

Seventy-five percent of users on Instagram have taken action after seeing a business’s post. When your user finishes reading your caption, do they know what steps to take next? Make it really simple by adding a quick CTA!

  • “regram to enter”
  • “tag a friend”
  • “shop now”
  • “click the link in our bio”
  • “watch our Instagram story for more details”
  • “swipe up”
  • “leave a comment below”
  • “double tap if you agree!”
How to sell on social media



With Instagram users 25% more likely to be in the top income quartile, it’s no surprise that businesses are trying to figure out new ways to capture the attention of their audience and increase their sales.

With our three-step plan, implementing a sales strategy in conjunction with your Instagram account is easy and achievable!

Let’s quickly recap the steps you need to take to sell on Instagram:

  1. Grow your reach to increase your sales
  2. Create posts that enable purchasing
  3. Direct your audience with a CTA on what you would like them to do next.

Do you sell products through your Instagram? Is your account know as an expert in your industry? Let us know in the comments below.

How to sell on social media

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