4 Instagram Contest Ideas

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4 Instagram Contest Ideas

Here is 4 Instagram Contest Ideas to fire up the engagement and growth on your Instagram account!

#1: Host a Like-to-Win Contest

One major factor in finding success on Instagram is getting those magic likes to start rolling in. A “like to win” contest is an easy way to do that. Simply post a contest image (usually a graphic explaining the contest) and tell people to like it to win. Then pick a random winner from among the likes, comment with the winner’s handle, and boom, you’ve created a contest.

4 instagram competition ideas to drive engagement and growth

When you post the challenge picture, add a few related industry hashtags to catch a crowd of people and bear in mind to incorporate #contest and #giveaway, which will enable you to get a few adherents rapidly. An extraordinary challenge with a convincing prize can drastically grow your crowd on Instagram.

A progression of like giveaways is the most ideal approach, since it helps assemble a pattern and users continue to return.  Increasing the return rate allows you to build a relationship with them.

Challenge pictures don’t generally need to demonstrate the item. In the event that you do consistent giveaways and begin assembling an association with your group of onlookers, you can get more imaginative with your images.Get innovative with your Instagram challenge pictures.

A basic like challenge on Instagram can help you rapidly make energy around and enthusiasm for your page. The best part? It’s simple for everybody!

#2: Launch a Selfie Contest

4 Instagram Contest IdeasIn a selfie challenge, you welcome individuals to post photographs of themselves utilizing your item, posting in one of a kind areas, and flaunting your logo everywhere throughout the city.

Be inventive! Selfies like this one from C2Fit’s challenge offer valuable commitment on Instagram, as well as bring out fun, convincing pictures!

Welcome Instagram clients to post photographs with your items or in your store.

In the event that your item isn’t physical, that doesn’t mean a selfie challenge won’t work for your business. Human Foosball ran a selfie challenge that gained by its gathering of people and that genuine gameface. Instagram selfie challenges can likewise be powerful for organizations with or without physical items.

Bear in mind to declare the champ with a picture on your Instagram. Individuals love to see that somebody really won and it creates force for future challenges.

The cool thing about selfie challenges is that the substance originates from clients instead of you. This arranges for your chance and vitality for different tasks, while likewise exhibiting your clients.


#3: Run a Hashtag Contest

4 Instagram Contest IdeasInstagram is based on hashtags. In a hashtag challenge, request that individuals post photographs and require they utilize your hashtag. At that point you simply look for the hashtag and pick the victor.

This sort of challenge is especially useful for marking purposes and getting your name out there. The range doesn’t originate from you however from your supporters’ gatherings of people (their companions and their’s companions).

For an Instagram hashtag challenge, request that clients post a photograph alongside your battle hashtag.

Luxury Fitness utilizes a blend of hashtag and voting to make consistent challenges for clients, producing enormous outcomes. Clients return over and over, label their companions, and drastically increment the span of the brand.Ask Instagram clients to label a companion to expand the compass of your challenge.

Hashtag challenges are an ideal method to take advantage of the viral idea of online networking and they work superbly to grow your Instagram following.

#4: Design a Voting Contest

With voting contests, ask Instagram users to submit photos to your hashtag and then have other people vote on the best photos through likes or comments. The photos could be of anything to do with your business.  Whoever gets the most likes or votes wins! It’s that straightforward.

This sort of challenge urges clients to get friends and family involved which greatly expands your reach.

With Instagram voting challenges, request that clients vote on the best fan photographs through preferences or remarks.

Running a voting challenge requires greater inclusion from you. You’ll have to monitor every section of the process such as the quantity of comments and the number of likes. With a worth wile prize  this style of competition can involve so many new users that it is worth the pay off.

Tag a Friend

4 Instagram Contest IdeasTag a Friend is another easy Instagram contest ideas  to run. In this type of contest, participants must comment on your photo and tag one or more users in the comment section of the contest photo.

How to do an instagram giveaway tag a friend
Instagram Contest by @bluetiquelex_

The purpose of a tag a friend Instagram contest is to increase the reach of your brand through your followers. By tagging someone else in the comment section of the contest photo, your followers are helping introduce new potential customers to your business.

Repost + Hashtag

Another common type of Instagram contest is a Repost contest. In this type of contest, participants must repost the giveaway picture and use the giveaway hashtag in their own post.

The purpose of a repost + hashtag Instagram giveaway is to use your followers to increase the reach of your brand by reposting your contest on their Instagram accounts. A repost + hashtag giveaway will not only reach your followers, but your followers’ followers.  You will know when someone enters the contest by receiving a notification in your account that someone tagged you in a photo.

To learn more about hashtag strategies you can check out my latest blog post on how I use them to go viral here.


So there you have it our favourite Instagram Contest Ideas! Running Instagram contests can help you increase your reach and improve engagement. You can develop better relationships with your audience which naturally grows into a deeper trust for your brand.

What do you think?Which one of these contests would you pick for your brands Instagram Contest? What have you tried running in the past? What were the results? Please share your thoughts in the comments below.

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