The Influencer Economy – Why you should be investing in it

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The Influencer Economy - Why you should be investing in it

The Influencer Economy – Why you should be investing in it

Social Media though still in its infancy stage, has changed the world as we know it. Social Media has created a platform for individuals to: Grab attention, educate, communicate, entertain, and inspire massive global audiences. It has allowed normal day people to become celebrities! How? By giving the opportunity to individuals to build powerful brands that can influence millions of people. Something that was once unheard of.

It has turned the old school media industries on its head. Photography, modeling and media publication has reversed their business model. Once were the days of being paid to be in a magazine. These days magazines are requesting models and photographers to pay to have their images featured.  Now the consumer and the rise of the influencer is shaping society, media and advertising today as we know it.

The Influencer Economy – Why you should be investing in it

What you need to know is….. Enormous Businesses will pay people whether they are a large influencer or micro influencer. Why? Buyers trust suggestions from friends and influencers over the brands voice or advertising message. Lets think about it..  Seeing somebody you love wear another shirt VS seeing an advertisement in Instagram for a similar shirt. One seems welcoming while the other intrusive and scroll scroll scroll. I mean who really likes seeing ads on their IG or FB feed? Its already noisy enough!

Organizations burned through 60 Billion Dollars on Digital Advertising in 2015, and more than 200 Billion of every 2017. A Billion dollars was spent on Influencer Marketing on Instagram alone in 2017, and it’s assessed to develop to 2 Billion by 2019.

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