10 ideas for what to write to your email list! [Free training]

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10 ideas for what to write to your email list! [Free training]

Stuck wondering what to write to your email list? Here is 10 ideas for what to write to your email list! [Free training]

You’ve probably heard that email is where it’s at when it comes to creating an audience. It’s the only platform where you own your list, and your email list is the group of people that no algorithm can take away from you. Pretty cool, right? It’s easy to get stuck for ideas so we have written the guide: 10 ideas for what to write to your email list!

But you might also be wondering: How often do I send these emails? How do I get people to open my emails? How can I not be annoying? Also I hear people have a lot of success selling their products and services with email…how do I do that? And, did I mention I don’t want to be annoying?

https://welovesmedia.com/2018/02/05/how-two-emails-tripled-my-sales/The good news is that the people who have the most success with email are the least annoying! It’s about being authentic, and using the right strategies and tools to set up and write emails that create raving fans and get you more sales.

It’s never too late to start writing emails that grow your audience and your business, and that’s why I want to invite you to register for this free training to help you start writing emails that you’ll be proud of and your audience will love (and therefore will want to buy from you too)!

Teaching is my friend and fellow creator Isa Adney! Isa is the webinar producer at ConvertKit, and works every day with creators earning a full time living online. In this training she’s going to share what creators are writing in their emails to create incredible relationships with their fans and turn email subscribers into customers and clients, and how you can too – you can register right here!

In the training you’ll learn:

  • How to write emails that make people want to read + buy
  • 10 ideas for what to write, inspired by creators making a full time living online
  • A step-by-step tutorial to get your email writing system set up in 24-hours

There will also be some free stuff given to you at the end of the webinar to help make writing your emails even easier! I love ConvertKit and am part of their awesome affiliate program, but this training is useful for everyone, not just those who use ConvertKit – that means you’ll get real, actionable takeaways you can implement today no matter what email service provider you use!

Simply register for the free training right here to learn how to write emails that turn subscribers into raving fans and customers! Thank you so much for reading 10 ideas for what to write to your email list! [Free training], we would love to hear your feedback! Did you find this helpful? Which strategy will you implement?

I hope you liked 10 ideas for what to write to your email list! Let me know which idea you are going to try!

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10 ideas to write to your email list

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