Buy Instagram likes & reach top posts.

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Buy Instagram Likes

Looking to buy Instagram likes? Can it benefit your brand? Our article below addresses the benefits and opportunities that buying Instagram likes can have on your account.


What are Instagram likes?

“why does it matter?”

Good questions.

Instagram is a different social media platform when it comes to social media engagement and post performance. One of the things I love most about the platform is that you don’t have to follow someone to like their post!

You may be wondering how is that possible? How would you come across the post in the first place? Well there are several ways. You can:

  1. Follow via interest segments with #Hashtags.
  2. Discover users through the explore feed.
  3. Get noticed in the top 9 posts.

‘Likes’ matter because they’re often the first contact between your business and a new follower. This also helps determine how engaging and popular your post is. Posts that have a high level of engagement are deemed more likeable by Instagram and your chances increase to be featured in the explore page or on the top 9 posts. Yay!

Benefits of buying Instagram likes.

Buying Instagram likes can dramatically increase the engagement level per post. This deems you’re content as popular and increases your chances of ranking on the explore page and top posts.

The Explore page

What is it?

Curated topics and personalised content that Instagram believes you will adore. This formula is based on your previous engagement patterns and popular content. Wired calls it, “the most honest place on the internet.”

Why use it?

Free publicity and brand advertising to your target audience! Placing high on the Explore tab can get you new followers and a steady flow of traffic. Woo!

How to get on it

Instagram uses these criteria to place content in the Explore tab:

  • Content similar to what users engaged with
  • Posts with high engagement
  • Media from accounts similar to accounts the user already follows

What does this mean? Keep your content to your niche. Don’t jump topics and have engaged posts.

How to improve your chances

  • Boost posts with powerlikes: This will give your posts an instant boost of likes in a timely manner. Instagram ranks not only the engagement of your post but how quickly it gets there too!
  • Know your audience. Like: your target customer, their interests, and who they follow. Keep your content on track with the same theme and interests. Don’t switch from food blogging to fashion in a heart beat.
  • Listen closely. Notice which posts of yours are most engaging to your audience. Curate similar content.
  • Use hashtags. Use hashtags that are obtainable for you to reach the top 9 posts.

What do bought Instagram likes look like?

While not all likes are created equal they do in fact look the same.

You can buy dead likes from accounts that are simply shells. This will not help your brand at all and possibly create brand damage as Instagram will downgrade your posts.

Powerlikes are from real highly engaged accounts that have a high level of authority. That means that they have over 10k followers and a good level of engagement. When Instagram sees that you are popular amongst other influencers with street cred then you will rank higher.

Buy instagram likes today!

Ready to your account like wildfire? Get our powerlikes for your Instagram account today!

Instagram Powerlikes

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Experience the power of Instagram Powerlikes.

Gain coveted digital real-estate in the top posts and the explore feed.

  • Real like from real active Instagram accounts
  • Premium Organic Growth
  • Posts are boosted in our engagement pod every 30 minutes
  • No more leechers!!
  • Safe and Secure
  • No passwords needed
  • No more manual like for like in pod groups that don’t deliver
  • Maximum of 30 posts per month

What do you think would you buy Instagram likes? Have you in the past? We would love to hear about your experience! If you want to find out more social media strategies that you can implement with Instagram powerlikes your should read:

My exact strategy I use with Powerlikes to reach the top 9 posts in Instagram here.

Buy Instagram likes & reach top posts
Article Name
Buy Instagram likes & reach top posts
Looking to buy Instagram likes? Can it benefit your brand? Our article below addresses the benefits and opportunities that buying Instagram likes can have on your account.
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