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buy 1000 Instagram followers

Looking to buy 1,000 instagram followers? There are so many options out there how do you know which one to choose? Will buying Instagram followers benefit your account? This article will show you the good and bad sides of buying Instagram followers. As well as how to find a quality source to buy Instagram followers from. Whether you are looking at buying 50 or 100 Instagram followers the same methods apply! So let’s get started!

Does Buying Instagram Followers work?

Yes! You can buy Instagram followers and they will show up on your followers count!

The better question would be what do I want Instagram followers for?

buy 1,000 instagram followers

Here are a few Instagram goals to consider:

  • To increase the authority of my Instagram account
  • To increase brand awareness of my Instagram account
  • To expand my brands reach on Instagram
  • To increase my income as an Influencer
  • To increase sales on Instagram

When we look at the above Social Media goals it becomes apparent that buying Instagram followers must fulfill our marketing goals. All of the goals above require that we buy real engaged active Instagram followers.

Why? Because if we buy 1000 Instagram followers that are simply shell accounts it will not help your brands authority, reach or awareness.

See the below example on an Instagram account of 661k followers the last post only has 5 comments and 400+ likes. Ouch! Where is the 661K Instagram audience? Perhaps they are just shell accounts.

buy 1,000 instagram followers
buy 1,000 instagram followers
With an account of 661k followers and only 6 comments on a post. This screams fake followers of empty shell accounts 🙁

How to buy active Instagram Followers

Now that we understand the importance of buying Active Instagram Followers how do we know what we are going to get?

There are lot’s of agencies that promise to give you real Instagram Followers although this does not mean they are active. They accounts are real in the sense of the fact that someone has created the Instagram account. But they are simply shells to increase users following numbers.

How to tell if the Instagram followers will engage with my account?

If you buy followers for:

  1. A few cents
  2. The company does not require access to your account
  3. The followers are from one specific region only

These are red flags that they are Instagram shell accounts. Why?

Red flags: When buying Instagram followers for a few cents:

If you buy Instagram followers for a few cents they are fake. Instagram followers take time and money to cultivate. Hence why brands spend time and money on advertising campaigns and social media strategies. How will the company you buy from access thousands of accounts for a few cents? They are accounts that they have made and they use software to get these bot run accounts to follow you. The bottom line. They will not engage with you. Therefore unless you want them for a vanity URL number they will not benefit you one bit.

Red flags: When the agency does not require access to your account:

If the brand does not require access to your account this is a second red flag. There are certain instances when this does not apply.

If you are buying shout outs you do not need to give away access to your account. If the brand guarantees a certain number of followers from an Instagram shout out that is a second red flag that they are using bot shell accounts to simply follow your account.

If the social media marketing agency is running advertising campaigns on your behalf they will need access to your account. How else can they execute the campaign?

Red flags: When the followers are from one specific region only:

While you can target your Instagram followers to come from a specific region this can not exclude other users following you.

For instance if you target is San Diego, California, United States. Your account can be interacting, advertising or networking with your target market in this geographic location.

A good agency will target your niche market so that soon your account with become an authority in your niche. Let’s say mummy and me fashion for instance. When your account is know for quality content in this niche that users want to follow you will come up in the suggested users feed.

How to buy Engaged Instagram Followers
How to tell if the Instagram followers will engage with my account?
You can see here that the Instagram account @jadore.vanessa is aerial themed. She is known as an authority in this industry by Instagram as when we click the arrow next to follow it shows similar accounts in her niche.

How to buy Engaged Instagram Followers

How to buy Engaged Instagram Followers
How to buy Engaged Instagram Followers
43k followers and 5k views and 86 comments on the top right post!

There are two main methods in order to buy Engaged Instagram Followers:

Social Media Marketing Automation

Automation is a rapidly growing essential asset of marketing strategies. Marketing Automation is here to stay!

What is automation? Marketing automation refers to the software that exists with the goal of automating marketing actions. Many marketing departments have to automate repetitive tasks such as emails, social media, and other website actions. The technology of marketing automation makes these tasks easier. 

Unlike automating a self serve check out in the grocery store, implementing a marketing automation system won’t make your job irrelevant. It will just make you more effective. It will free up some of your time, while not compromising the authenticity of the content your producing. It will help you reach your goals faster.

The ultimate goal with your marketing is to generate more revenue for your company. To accomplish this, we need to drive traffic to our website, convert that traffic into leads and close those leads into customers.

Social media marketing automation really makes an impact is reaching new users to convert into the top of your sales funnel. This stage is also known as lead nurturing.


By interacting through Instagram likes, comments, view stories and follows on key accounts that match your consumer profile you can expect to grow a solid expansion of interested engaged users that do not drop off and easily convert to leads and sales.

The result:

Increased number of real Instagram followers.

Higher levels of Instagram engagement such as increased likes and comments.

Your Instagram account will reach a larger audience.

Increase the number of click throughs to your website or product with the use of call to actions and including a website in your bio.

Increased profile views as your Instagram account gains more attention.

Ready to get started with automation today? Click here!

Instagram Shoutouts

Instagram shout outs are a rapid way to collaborate and grow you brand with like minded individuals!

When choosing accounts to collaborate with you want to ensure that you both have a similar audience. This will ensure a good conversion rate of new followers to your account.

Secondly you want to check the Instagram profile has a healthy engagement rate. If they have a large number of followers and not very many likes or comments you may be paying for a shout out to empty shell accounts. This means your shout out will not be received to an audience.

You can use our Instagram engagement calculator to see the level of engagement the Instagram account is receiving.

Instagram Influencer Calculator

Check out our Instagram Engagement Calculator here.

What is a good engagement rate on instagram?

Below is an industry standard guideline so you can benchmark results:

  • Less than 1% = low engagement rate 
  • Between 1% and 3.5% = average/good engagement rate 
  • Between 3.5% and 6% = high engagement rate 
  • Above 6% = very high engagement rate 

How do I find Instagram accounts for Shoutouts?


If you are wanting to seriously grow your Instagram account. You should be researching who are the key influencers in your niche. What are their account names and what value do they provide to followers? You can approach influencers via DM or Email asking them about their rates for shout outs.

Alternatively there are agencies that specialise in Instagram shout outs. Here are three to get you started!

Should I buy Instagram Likes?

Should I buy Instagram Likes

Much like the question on buying Instagram followers the same method applies to buying Instagram likes.

You want to buy Instagram likes from real active accounts that have authority. Power likes are Instagram Likes from accounts that have a large network of accounts that engage with each others content to give it a better chance of going viral.

This symbiotic relationship between accounts, allows for a community larger than just one accounts following to be exposed to the content.

In addition, Power Like networks usually have a community of accounts with a high following. The social reach that occurs from multiple 100k+ accounts engaging with each other is exponential because of the explore page.

Just imagine a network of 10 accounts with 100k followers each. Just those accounts alone would have an overall social reach of 1 million! It doesn’t stop there. Their following’s followers would get exposed to the content as well.

It is this drip feed of content between accounts that allows for certain post to go viral.

Buy real instagram power likes here!

If you are still looking buy 1,000 instagram followers or maybe more we would love to help you with your social media marketing automation. Our account managers are the best in the business fully equipped with marketing degrees and a tonne of social media experience.

Our followers and likes are always real, genuine and will help you achieve your social media marketing goals. We are the best site to buy Instagram Followers on!

Buy Instagram Followers and Likes

What methods have you found useful in buying 1,000 Instagram followers? We would love to hear your feedback.

Your friend,

The Socialite Media.

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