How to get more Instagram Followers & Explode your email list!

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How to get more Instagram Followers & Explode your email list!

Are you looking to get more out of your social media this year? Great then you are in the right place! Implement these handy strategies to grow your social media accounts and your email list!

Digital marketing continues to rise each day as the increase of voices on social media and online platforms continue to grow! My grandmother is even on Facebook these days. Online communication is continually expanding across a wide range of demographics.

Consumers today have a strong voice when it comes to brand endorsement or complaints. We have seen many brands successfully capitalize on the use of influencer marketing and viral competitions. In fact, 49.2% of social media users follow influencers on social media. 44% state they do so for product recommendations, and 49.3% have bought something based on a recommendation from an influencer.

As technology continues to shift and adapt, so must our marketing plans. New technology shifts allow marketers to become savvier in their online marketing tactics.

Viral social sharing competitions are still an ample way to grow your online following and email database. Use the following strategies to take your competition game to the next level this 2019.

Digital Strategy #1

Promote Your Social Media Contest On Giveaway Websites:

Giveaway websites are a great way to find users to participate in your online competition. Even though the people on these sites are looking mostly for contests to enter, it does not mean they will not be interested in your product in a few weeks, or months. By integrating social sharing facet into your competition rules they may also have friends and family that are interested in your products or services.

    Digital Strategy #2

    Require A Viral Component For Entry:

    When we work with competitions online we want to add a virality facet in orderto be eligible for entry. Remember to be clear with your message and direct the user to your desired outcome or CTA (call to action).

    A few CTA’s on social media are:

    • Share this Facebook post about the contest
    • Tag 3 friends in this Instagram post about the contest
    • Post the image of our giveaway to your Instagram and tag us
    • Join our Facebook group
    • Get $10 off for joining our Facebook Messenger Bot

    Every one of these call to actions gives the opportunity for the entrant to promote your competition and consequently your brand.

    Digital strategy #3

    Enable A Viral Score Board:

    You may be wondering what is viral scoreboard? A viral scoreboard enables users to earn points by completing social actions. This could result in more entries or perhaps the user with the most point wins.

    How you may ask. There are several social media competition software platforms out there. We have used Vyper.

    get instagram followers free

    Vyper allows you to set up social media contests and allocate additional points or entries by the user completing more actions. This could be sharing on several social media channels or sending the contest via email to friends.

    Not only does it help your competition spread like wild fire but the social virality also helps with your SEO link building strategy too!

    Plan The Follow Up!

    Once you have launched and promoted your next campaign make sure you follow it up with remarketing funnels. This includes the setup of email drips, Facebook and Google ad remarketing campaigns.

    I hope you enjoyed this post, which will you incorporate into your next marketing plan?

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