11 Collaboration ideas for Instagram + FAQ

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11 Collaboration ideas for Instagram + FAQ

Looking for some fun fresh ideas for your social media strategy? Check out our short and sweet list of 11 collaboration ideas for Instagram.

11 Collaboration Ideas for Instagram

  1. Run a viral competition that encourages social sharing.
  2. Create an Instagram series with a series of experts.
  3. Work together on sponsorships
  4. Feature trending content
  5. Run a page with a collaborator
  6. Take Over The Other’s Pages.
  7. Make An Appearance In Each Other’s Photos
  8. Make A Video Together
  9. Start A Challenge Post Together
  10. Run A Loop Giveaway Together
  11. Run An Instagram Ad Together

Creating a viral competition.

There are a few ways you can create viral buzz around your next competition.

  1. Submit your competition to competition websites
  2. Make social sharing an element of entry.
  3. Reward actions through extra entries. For instance, each social platform the entrant shares the competition on qualifies an additional entry. Read more about viral competitions here.

Create an Instagram series with a series of experts.

What does your brand try to achieve? A health food brand could partner with several healthy lifestyle brands to create a series that empowers the user to live a healthier lifestyle.

Think about who shares your audience and how you can work together. Every segment has complimentary non competing brands and products.

Here are a few niche ideas:

  • Gyms and Health Foods.
  • Dietitians and personal trainers.
  • Email software and accounting software.
  • Beauty blogger and clothing boutique.

Let’s run with the first example of gym and health foods. These two niches could work together by creating a 7-day challenge. It could include fitness challenges and healthy recipes that incorporate health foods products.

Here are examples of successful co branding:

  • Redbull and GoPro.
  • Uber and Spotify.
  • Nike and Apple.

Work together on sponsorships

By working together as a team you can increase your offering to brands as a partnership. This may give you the extra audience reach that was needed to land deals with bigger brands that you may not have been able to achieve on your own.

Feature trending content

Working as an influencer you need to have your finger on the pulse of your niche. Sharing viral content is a great way to stay top of mind with your audience, without having to create all the content yourself all the time.

Sharing valuable content will increase your trust with your consumers.

Secondly, it may potentially catch the eye of the viral content creators you are promoting. It could be the beginning of a beautiful relationship.

A great way to find trending content on Instagram is to simply check out your recommendations feed.

Run a page with a collaborator

You love fashion she loves makeup. It’s a match made in collaborator heaven. Creating a page together will allow you to reach new users that you traditionally may not have acquired on your own.

You can find more details on the rest of the suggestions from our previous article 7 Hot Collaboration Ideas to Grow Your Account.

FAQ on Instagram Collaborations

What does collaboration mean on Instagram?

Collaborating on Instagram means that you team up with another user on Instagram to create or promote content together.7 Hot Collaboration Ideas to grow your Instagram

How do you ask for a collaboration on Instagram?

If the user has a business account you can email them from the contact link. This is located underneath their bio. If the user is not a business account you can send the user a direct message DM.

How do I make collaboration offers on Instagram?

You need to develop a pitch template. Then you tailor it to each user in your approach. Remember that large influencers get approached all the time so make your pitch genuine and tailored.

Here is a shell template to get you started:

Hey <<Influencer>>,

We’re setting up a contest/giveaway and I would love to partner with you.

I was thinking of <<Idea pitch>>

If you’re interested in participating, we’re looking for contributions of <<Deliverables>>.

I look forward to hearing from you.bulk email marketing software

How to respond to a collaboration offer

If you have a media kit this is a good way to respond to an offer because it shows your audience demographics and previous deliverables. The future of IG: Instagram is Increasing their E-Commerce Capabilities

So who are you going to pitch a collaboration too?

Your friend The Socialite Media

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11 Collaboration ideas for Instagram + FAQ
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11 Collaboration ideas for Instagram + FAQ
Looking for some fun fresh ideas for your social media strategy? Check out our short and sweet list of 11 collaboration ideas for Instagram.
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