3 SEO Steps to Improve The Visibility Of Your Instagram Profile

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Follow these three simple steps to improve the visibility of your Instagram profile.

Search factor #1

3 SEO Steps to Improve The Visibility Of Your Instagram Profile

Your Instagram Handle

Instagram handles are searchable.

What does that mean? If a user is looking for a stylist, if you have the keyword in your username your profile will rank in the Instagram search algorithm.

When you are trying to increase your social media presence you need to tell people exactly who you are and what you are about. Give them clarity and an immediate reason to follow you.

It is no coincidence that when I search the keyword “Fashion” in Instagram 3 out of the top 5 suggestions have the word fashion in their Instagram handle.

So, does your Instagram handle show who you are and what you are about? For instance, is it Elisabeth123487 or is it StylistElisabethTate?

How can you change your Instagram handle to reflect who you are, what your brand is about and enable it to SEO friendly.

Search factor #2

Your Instagram Name

This search function also applies to your Instagram name. My personal profile name is Aerialist Vanessa. Why because I want to come up when people are searching for Aerialists or Aerial arts. 

Let’s look at the same search term “Fashion” again for an example. The number #1 ranking account in the Instagram suggestion box has the keyword Fashion as the first word of the “Name” of the account.

If we look at all of the five first ranking accounts they all have the keyword “Fashion” in the name section of their profile.

Take a moment to think about how can you make your username come up in search rankings? What keywords is your target market using to find information on Instagram?

You don’t need to completely replace your name like above but you can certainly incorporate it.

Search factor #3

Hashtags in your bio

Yes, that’s right. Implementing hashtags into your bio makes your profile searchable to all of the niche communities out there. So make sure you implement a # before your interests in your Instagram profile.

Let’s look at an example. To the left on Merricks Art one of my favorite bloggers she implements her personal hashtag but misses out on searching in the sewing hashtag segment. Merrick mentions her account is about sewing yet does not enable #sewing to be an SEO factor in bio.

To the right on my personal account you can see that all my interests are placed but they have a hashtag in front of them. This makes my account SEO friendly for these communities in Instagrams algorithm.

So now we know why it is important to incorporate keywords into your Instagram profile as part of your social media strategy you may be stuck finding the right keywords!

Here is a simple solution.

How to find keywords for your Instagram Profile:

You can use these search tools to help you brainstorm keywords in your niche: Answer the public and Wordstream.

Answer the public is my favorite by far and if you start here you will have more keywords than what you would possibly need.

Simply jump onto their home page and you input your keyword in and hit search.

Instagram Profile

You will get a pretty visual graph like this:

Wordstream is another free popular tool for keyword research.

Instagram Profile

Action items:

I doesn’t matter how much you know if you don’t implement it your knowlege will not get you anywhere so here is your homework.

Implement keywords in your profile. This could be in your name a #hashtag in your profile or your user handle.

Why not try all 3!

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Vanessa Barthelmes – Founder

The Socialite Media

Vanessa Barthelmes – Founder

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Simple SEO for Instagram Profiles
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