5 Strategies For a Succesful Instagram Profile

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Today we are going to be setting up your Instagram profile for success with 5 simple strategies.

​You may be wondering how we define the success of your account. That can be through several factors depending on your goals for your brand. We will dive deeper into setting the right goals for your critical success factors tomorrow. Some of these could be followers, reach, website impressions or sales. Today let’s focus on building the foundations for your success.

Todays tools for success:

1. Your laptop or phone handy with your Instagram account.

2. Pen and paper to write your research on.

3. Stop watch or alarm.

Woo! So let’s get started.

Step 1: Choosing your Instagram profile picture:

Choosing your Instagram profile picture

Today we want to be setting your profile picture to a nice crisp professional looking photograph that represents your brand on Instagram. We want to be choosing a photograph that resonates with your audience and represents you in a likable authoritative manner. Why? If people don’t like you they are not going to follow you. Unless its a competitor for research 😜.

recent study by PhotoFeeler investigated what elements created the ideal photo for social media profiles. Here are the key take aways.

#1 Use Well lit Photos

Make sure that your face is lit well and the rest of the photograph. If you have a dark home or office natural light does wonder. Take a photo outside or standing in front of a window so that it naturally lights your body.

#2 Wear Your Glasses

PhotoFeeler study shows that people wearing eyeglasses were seen as more competent and likable.

Ok so don’t simply wear them if you don’t use them we still want to be authentic. Unless you are wearing them for a fashion statement. But if you do normally wear glasses in your day to day life then keep them on for your IG photo.

#3 Smile Through Your Eyes

When deciding on a facial expression squinched eyes are perceived as someone that portrays comfort and confidence.

#4 Show Your Teeth

The study further shows that people who had photographs with their mouths closed were half as likable. So make sure you show those pearly whites.

Summing it up

At the end of the day, you should do your best to balance incorporating these tips with your own personality. For my personal page I decided to steer away from the headshot. This is because it is circus based account.

You can see I have a clear crisp photo that represents what the user will be getting from following my Instagram channel.

5 strategies for a succesful instagram profile

Step 2: Finding accounts in your niche:

The suggested user feature is a great way to find accounts in your niche.

If your Instagram account is not developed yet I suggest that you use this function on accounts that you are aspiring to be like rather than your own account.

🚨Remember it will show you suggested users for the types of accounts you are interested in. If you have a personal account and now want to make it a real estate account do not use the drop down feature on your own account. Use it on accounts that you are aspiring to be like.🚨

How to find IG accounts in your niche:

Step 1: Select the drop down arrow on an account you aspire to be like or your own account if it is heavily developed. We have marked the button with our pink circle.

Step 2: Directly below the arrow you will see a Suggestions for you tab appear.

Step 3: Go through these suggestions and select 10 small accounts in your niche that you would like to focus on for the point of this exercise.

Step 4: Either save the accounts with your highlight feature and name the folder niche accounts or write the username handles down.

Step 3: Niche growth strategy

This strategy you will implement on a daily basis as you are growing your account. You can find pockets of time to execute this strategy through out the day. A few good examples are on the bus, on a work break or coffee break.

How To Get More Followers Today

Step 1. Follow all 10 niche accounts as noted above.

Step 2. Click on followers on one of your accounts from your niche.

Step 3. Follow 60 of their followers every hour for six hours! This will open you up to 360 new opportunities to connect with accounts that are interested in your niche.

Make sure that you set yourself an alarm or stop watch so that you can set yourself up for success.

Step 4: Add your niche accounts to our Instagram Analyzer

🚨🚨🚨It is really important that you do not miss this step as you will need the information later on in order to complete your research.🚨🚨🚨

Setting up advanced Instagram analytics

Step 1. Head on over to our Instagram Analyzer.

Step 2. Register your new account. Don’t worry it’s free! No credit cards required. We just want to empower you with really good tools. Click Register in the top right-hand corner.

Step 3. Add your niche inspirational accounts.

—> Simply navigate to the input box below Try it right now.

—>Enter the username or profile link of the Instagram accounts in the box below.

—> Click Search.

4. The user will appear with their statistics. Make sure that you click the favorite heart next to the profile.

Step 5: Repeat

Make sure you repeat this strategy on all 10 accounts.

👏👏 Well done on all your hard work today! It will pay off. These tactics have given me results time and time again. If you are all fired up and want to keep up the good work then you should read day two of our Instagram growth challenge.

Can’t wait to see your results,

All the best,

Vanessa Barthelmes – Founder

The Socialite Media

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