How Do I Unfriend Somebody on Facebook?

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how do i unfriend somebody on facebook

Breaking up with friends in real life isn’t always easy. Breaking up with friends on Facebook is a snap. These (soon to be former) friends won’t know they have been unfriended because they are not notified by Facebook. Unless they happen to notice one day while searching for you, which isn’t highly likely if this acquaintance has over 1,000 friends like most people, they’ll never recognize the severed ‘digital friendship’. But, if you are breaking off a Facebook friendship with a girlfriend/boyfriend or an immediate family, you’ll probably hear about it before the day is over. Now, onto the logistics…just three easy steps!

How to unfriend someone on Facebook

Step 1.

Look up your friend in the search tool or in your friend list (on your Timeline) and go to the person’s Timeline.

Step 2.

Click the Friends button and you will see a menu appear with a few options. It’ll look just like the picture above (bottom item, highlighted in blue).

What is the difference between unfriend and block on Facebook?

Step 3.

Click the Unfriend button. (Note that there isn’t an ‘are you sure you want to unfriend this person’ warning so you’ll have to refriend this person if you delete them by accident).

Is it Rude to Unfriend Someone on Facebook?

It’s not unusual to do a little periodic friend-cleaning, lots of people do it. We all go through times of change in our lives where we are switching jobs, cities, getting married, etc. and sometimes it just doesn’t seem relevant to have your Home screen feed populated by posts from people you are no longer in contact with, or even forgotten they existed…

So don’t feel bad and clean up your friend list today if you feel so inclined. You just may notice it kind of feels nice to have a slimmer friend list for once!

Here is a Quick Video Guide on Removing Friends from Facebook.

Can someone tell if you unfriend them on Facebook?

Yes and No! Confusing right? Let me explain. You do not receive a notification when a friend is removed from your Facebook friends list.

The only way someone can tell if you have unfriended them is if they try to contact you through Facebook. They will need to re-add you to post on your wall or send DM’s.

While they may not see that they are unfriended the very moment you have broken up with them it’s only a matter of time until they realize.

If they are a crazy super stalker then they will probably know straight away.

How do I Unfriend Someone Without Them Knowing?

At the end of the day you can’t. As soon as they try to contact you they will know. They may also miss seeing your posts in their feed and realize you are no longer friends.

What is the Difference Between Unfriend and Block on Facebook?

When you unfriend someone on Facebook they can still search for your profile. When you block a user on Facebook the cannot find your profile if they search for it. Your profile is hidden from the user you have blocked.

Most people who have been blocked can always check out your Facebook with another account. So if you want your profile to be hidden from prying eyes. Make sure that you set your account to private. Then only your friends can see your posts and photos.

When you unfriend someone can they still see your profile?

Yes. Unless your account is set to private.

Can someone message you if you unfriend them on Facebook?

Yes the messages will go into your message requests folder.

Can someone message you if you unfriend them on Facebook?
how do i unfriend somebody on facebook

How to unfriend someone on Facebook.
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How to unfriend someone on Facebook.
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