How to Set Up Direct Messages That Convert

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how to implement DM's that convert

If your Instagram followers are not viewing your website, signing up for your lead magnet, or converting to sales, then the size of your account doesn’t really matter. We need to ensure that our direct messages assist in supporting our business goals. Today I will walk you through the exact method I use to write direct messages that convert.

Setting up a Direct Message Engagement Funnel

Only 25% of Instagram users use Direct Messages. This means that it is underutilized and a great way for you to get your message across.

Your first decision; What is the goal of your funnel?

Here are a few examples:

  1. Direct users to your website
  2. Funnel your audience into a lead page
  3. Collect emails
  4. Grow a Facebook group

Style One – Custom Direct Messages to the Account You Are Following

I love this style of direct message; it’s the very one that social media expert Brandon Gaille uses. This works well when you are dedicating your following and engagement to a single account. Perhaps you may be targeting real estate agents or entrepreneurs. Let’s go with entrepreneurs for this example:

Brandon recommends that “Instead of rotating different accounts each day, you would follow people from a single account for a month.”

For the entrepreneur example you could use the Instagram account @entrepreneur

How to set up Direct Messages That Convert

Hi (first name), I see that you’re a fan of Entrepreneur. Take a sec to check out my free Instagram course that hooked over 10k marketers. Access the course by clicking the link on my IG profile here: 

This message has five essential components:

#1 First Name – Since you are the one reaching out with the aim to develop a relationship you’ll want to use their first name.

#2 Common Interest – Secondly, as you are direct messaging followers of @Entreprenuer, introduce your commonality: “I see that you’re a fan of Entrepreneur.

By having something in common you are showing that you have a bond through a common interest.

#3 Call-to-Action is directing the user with the action you want them to take. In this instance, it is to click the link in the bio. You can also send links with the direct message. For users that are changing the landing page of their Instagram link (fashion influencers do this all the time) then you want to direct them to the link in your bio. The call to action is all about making this action support your business goal.

#4 Social Proof – Introducing social proof gives the user a reason to instill some trust in your offer. Make sure you can back it up. There are a lot of ‘gurus’ out there that promise the world and don’t deliver. By delivering on your social proof promise, you will warm up your lead and move them further down your sales funnel. In the above example, our social proof is a course that hooked over 10k marketers.

#5 Explaining How to Get There – Direct the user on how to complete the call to action. You want to be able to make everything as easy as possible. Remove as many steps as you can to get the user to your end goal. We used the direction of Access the course by clicking the link on my IG profile.

You could also consider:

Check the link in the bio 👉🤳@welovesmedia

Click the link to get started 👉

All of our Instagram Growth packages come with automated DM’s, so you can start implementing your Direct Message funnel today.

Once you set up your funnel make sure that you ensure you dedicate the time to reply to users if they have questions about your brand.

To get started with Direct Messages check click here.

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How to implement DM's that convert
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How to implement DM's that convert
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