5 Brands that Offer Stellar Entrust Certification Authority for Your Website

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Why you Need Entrust Certification Authority for your Website

Have ever you set up a website without an SSL? If so, you could be stopping traffic flow to your site! Don’t worry, we have you covered with 5 stellar brands that offer entrust certification authority for your website.

We will also cover the following topics:

– What is an SSL Certificate?

– Why You Need an SSL Certificate for Your Site

– How do SSL certificates work?

– How much do SSL certificates cost?

– Comparing the different SSL’s

– How you can get a free SSL certificate

– How to Install a free SSL certificate in WordPress

What is Entrust Certification?

Secure Sockets Layer (SSL) digital certificates are electronic files that are used to identify people and resources over networks such as the Internet. Digital certificates also enable secure, confidential communication between two parties using encryption.

Below you can see an example of a nonsecure site (HTTP://) vs a secure site (HTTPS://).

Why You Need an SSL Certificate for Your Site

Starting in July 2018, websites in Google Chrome without an SSL certificate will display a ‘NOT SECURE’ warning in the address bar when users enter data on the HTTP page, and on all HTTP pages visited in incognito mode.

HTTP websites with forms, login fields, and other input sections need to install an SSL certificate to enable HTTPS and avoid any disruptions to their website.

How SSL Improves SEO

Without an SSL your visitors will get the “Your Connection is Not Secure” popup which will increase your bounce rate and disrupt. This will result in a lower SEO score and evidently, your site will begin to rank lower in Google.

Secondly, if you do have an SSL, Google will favor your website as it has been verified. Other sites with no SSL have not been verified and therefore have a lower search score in Google’s algorithm.

How SSL Prevents Forms of Hacking

If your website collects data from your customers it is very simple for hackers to steal their information. Let’s say your website URL is ‘www.silvershop.com’; a hacker could easily steal that URL by adding an uppercase ‘I’ instead of the lowercase ‘l’. The URLs would look nearly identical.

Entrusted Data Card shows a great example of this:

This hacking could be avoided by using a higher-level SSL known as an extended valuation SSL. This means that it not only verifies the website but it also verifies that the business is legitimate.

How Does an SSL Certificate Keep Information Secure?

What Type of SSL Do I Need?

There are several SSL solutions designed to fit the need for any type of website or online service. The baseline Domain Validated (DV) SSL certificate will provide the encryption level necessary to give you the padlock and HTTPS to avoid the ‘Not Secure’ warning. This means that your website URL is verified and accurate.

However, in most cases, businesses will need a different type of certificate that is proven to drive more consumer confidence for their business. We recommend talking to one of our specialists who can help you find the right solution.

Comparing types of SSL Certificates

Go Daddy has a handy reference chart that shows you how the different entrust certifications work and what comes with each one.

As you can see, a site collecting money for goods and services should be using an extended validation SSL. This shows brand security for the customer and that the online website is, in fact, legitimate.

How Much do SSL certificates Cost?

Cloudflare offers free SSL’s with no strings attached. I have personally used their SLL’s and have had no issues with them.

Go Daddy (pictured above) has a range of certifications depending on your brand’s needs.

If I have an SSL Certificate am I Protected from All Web Threats?

The short answer is no. SSL is used to encrypt the data transactions on the website but it’s not a complete website security solution to protect you from other common threats like Malware, Ransomware, and website hacks. SSL is just one important piece to an overall web security strategy.

How Can I Get an SSL Certificate for Free?

BigScoots whom I love and personally use, along with Dreamhost, provide free SSL’s with their hosting plans. Otherwise, you can look at a free SSL certificate from cloud fare.

What type of SSL are you looking to incorporate into your entrusted certification authority plan?

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