7 Experts Weigh In on How To Use Instagram Stories

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Instagram Stories

Wanting to know the best way to utilize Instagram stories? We weighed in with 7 experts that tell us about their best strategy!

Social Media Strategist Jill Potasnik

Jill Potasnik a social media strategist with Social Elevator, her best practices for Instagram stories are:

Instagram Stories Goals

The goal using Stories is to have your audience know, like and trust you. 

Instagram Stories Expert Jill Potasnik

This can be done in many ways, but most importantly – it’s the best place to show them the real you, uncurated, the human behind the business or brand.   Instagram Stories are also one of the best places to get your followers to engage!  And once they engage, your content (feed content included) will be shown more often to them. 

This can be done in many ways, but most importantly – it’s the best place to show them the real you, uncurated, the human behind the business or brand.   Instagram Stories are also one of the best places to get your followers to engage!  And once they engage, your content (feed content included) will be shown more often to them. ” 

ROI on Instagram Stories

ROI for stories can be measured a few different ways:  Just like the feed, Stories has it’s own set of insights and analytics – so they are easily measurable, how many people saw them, who engaged, who exited out of your Story. 

But the real ROI is really up to you.  What type of Call To Action are you asking for?  A sticker that has the person respond? A sticker that puts them in your DMs (questions and the new CHAT feature)? Are you asking them to click a link or shoot you a Direct Message? 

The Call to Action is mandatory.  From there, it’s up to you!  Engagement without a timely response or reply isn’t getting you any ROI – but that’s on you! You need to seize the opportunity!  The more you engage, your ROI will increase tenfold! ” Jill Potasnik – Social Elevator.

Expert Kimberly Spencer

Kimberly Spencer, is a high-performance coach and success strategist for entrepreneurs, motivational speaker, and the founder of CrownYourself.com.

Kimberly helps busy female entrepreneurs achieve holistic success in their businesses, bodies, and relationships. She was named marketing expert by FitSmallBusiness in 2016. Her story was recently featured in the Amazon Best Selling Book, The Start: Journey to Entrepreneurship.

Kimberly’s Instagram Story Advice

If you’re a personal brand, Instagram stories are a powerful way to show you LIVING the values, mission, and qualities that your brand preaches.

For businesses, you can show the behind the scenes of what you do. If you have a product-based business you can show how your product is made.

If you have an affiliate or a direct marketing business, you can show you lunching with partners or your team. This creates greater congruency between you and your brand.

Instagram stories are the BEST way to show, rather than TELL about all the amazing things your company or your brand is and does. 

Think of your stories like, well, a story. It has a beginning, middle and an end. What is the beginning, middle, and end of the story you are creating for your fans and followers?

Health coaches could share the story of your morning routine or the story of the foods you eat throughout the day. An organic skincare line could share a story of where you source your ingredients, or how you make your product.

Business coach’s or consultants could share the story of your client journey or a common client struggle. If you’re a mompreneur and your personal brand is all about how you balance mom life and work life, then your daily stories can show moments throughout the day of vulnerability or frustration or joy with your kids. 

Stories are now actually more viewed on Instagram than the photos in the feed.

Measuring ROI On IG Stories

You can measure ROI by how many of your story viewers take action on your final story, which should be some sort of CTA to swipe up, or to click the link in your bio, or to DM you, so you can engage more with your audience.

Mandie Brice Podcaster

How do You Use Instagram Stories?

Stories are great because you can show the “unedited” and “unpolished” version of yourself to really build trust. People can get to know the real you (or your business) without having to have something perfectly polished it’s a great way to show you’re real.

Stories are great because you can show the “unedited” and “unpolished” version of yourself to really build trust. People can get to know the real you (or your business) without having to have something perfectly polished it’s a great way to show you’re real.

Since stories can (but don’t have to) disappear after 24 hours, you can use them as an opportunity to show your true (and sometimes goofy) personality. 

Additionally, the integrations that Instagram introduces to stories can be super valuable. For example, one drawback for those (like me) who have fewer than 10K followers is that you can’t have a “swipe up” link, however the Instagram integration with Spotify allows me to share my podcast (which is also on Spotify) on Instagram so that my followers can click through to the episode I’m sharing. 

Instagram can also be a great way to collect information from your audience and current/potential customers, which you can use to inform your next product choices.

If you’re between two titles for your next book or two colorways for your next product launch, share the mockups in your Instagram story and create a poll. Which one does better? That’s the one you should produce because people who are already fans are telling you exactly what they want! 

Asking open-ended questions is incredibly valuable, too. “What do you wish exists?” can tell you what the next thing you should make should be. “What’s your favorite thing about this product of ours” or “what would you change about this service of ours” can give you instant feedback directly from your target demographic. 

Talking ROI with Instagram Stories

With business accounts, you can see some specific information, such as views/reach and click-throughs, which you could correlate with your sales information.

You also may be able to tell on your site how many people purchase because of Instagram (especially if you ask them in the purchasing process where they found you) or employ google analytics. 

Content Creation with IG stories

From a content creation standpoint, Instagram stories can also be helpful, because you can edit images and videos in-app to an experience that you can then download and repurpose for other things, like blog posts, videos for youtube or facebook. 

Finally, the saved highlights can be an excellent place for someone new to your company or online presence to familiarize themselves with your offerings. A well-organized profile with clearly-labeled highlights gives a newcomer a great place to seek and find the plethora of what you have to offer them! 

Eric Corry, FB Ad Specialist with Over $600K Spent in the Past 6 Months!

Eric’s Instagram Story Advice

The most effective ways to run your Instagram stories would be short in length (10-15 seconds max.) From my analytics, anything longer than that loses the potential customer because stories are meant to be quick. (People are trying to see a ton of their friend’s stories so if you clog up their feed with a really long ad the performance drops.)

Another effective method to use on Instagram is to actually just use your smartphone and make the ad not look like an ad.

Instagram is an extremely social platform and potential customers are so used to getting hit by ads all the time that they more likely to ignore a video/image that looks like an ad.

When you add a human element to your Instagram ads, potential customers are more likely to stop and view. 

ROI on IG Ads+ Stories

In reference to ROI on Instagram stories, stories are connected to Facebook’s advertising platform. You can measure the ROI on your stories by going into the business manager and seeing your return by checking your ROAS (Return on Ad Spend) for the campaign you’re running.

Instagram Influencer Amber Faust

Amber Faust is a Mom Influencer and has a noble following of over 200k on her Instagram account @faustisland.

How do you use Instagram Stories

I love Instagram stories.  The most effective way to use them is to include a call to action with a swipe up.   From there you can see the counts of how many people did what you asked in your insights.    The count is much more accurate than a static post with the call to action, link in bio.

Agencies ROI Requirements

Most influencer campaigns now ask for the screenshot insights to measure this ROI.  

Warren Kenneth a Leading Community Building Strategist

Kenneth runs OctoNation- The Largest Octopus Fan Club a 501(c)3 on Instagram with 186k followers. 

How Do You Best Utilise Instagram Stories?

I’ll use Instagram stories to drive people to engage with my latest posts.

If you click the mail icon below the latest piece of your content you can add the post to your story. Make sure you add a call to action that lets people know that the post is clickable.

I also give a bit of context to let people know what to expect! Check out a story campaign I created called OctoTV that gives people a preview of the post and invites the viewer to see more by tapping the video!

This increase in views and engagement on my content keeps my profile top of mind in the Instagram algorithm. 

Garret Seevers, VP of Marketing for Azuga 

Effective Ways to Use Instagram Stories 

Before jumping into creating content for Instagram stories, you’ll need to decide what kind of content you want to create.

You can create user-generated content, and leverage your audience by having them answer polls, swiping up to read a blog or see a new product. You can also create product-based content, where you leverage stories to include new products and have users swipe-up to shop the image

Measuring ROI 

To get an idea of your Instagram stories ROI, you’ll need to pay attention to your click-through rate. This is the percent of viewers that took action on one of your Instagram stories.

Calculate the percentage by dividing the total number of clicks over the number of viewers, times ten.

Your CTR will give you a better idea of your ROI. You can also utilize UTM parameters to see Instagram’s story revenue. By adding a UTM parameter to the URLs shared on your Instagram stories, you’ll be able to track data for each campaign and/or story. 

That is a wrap for today which strategy are you going to implement first? There are so many stellar strategies here I don’t know where to start!

Until Next Time,

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