Guest Blogging

WHY you should guest post on The Socialite Media.

  • Gain Credibility 
  • Reach over 100k marketers, influencers and small businesses
  • Promote your expertise


  • Content should be original and of good quality.
  • The article should contain 1200+ words.
  • The article that you submit should be relevant to the users with images/ videos.
  • The content should be SEO friendly and must contain all the focus keywords.
  • Never use copyright images (try Pixabay or Pexels for quality images).
  • By submitting the article you give us the right to edit or modify the content.
  • Content that is promotional spam will not be published.
  • Send your bio with your article.
  • The process may take some time have patience.
Guest Post for The Socialite Media

    We are Accepting Guest Posts On:

    • Social Media Marketing
    • Email Marketing
    • SEO
    • PPC Advertising Strategy
    • Content Marketing
    • Content Creation
    • Influencer Marketing
    • Small Business Advice

    All posts must be original content and not published on any other platforms.

    Email your article

    Hey There,

    Instructions to follow:

    • The article should be more than 1200 words.
    • American English should be maintained.
    • All the paragraphs should be short which means not more than 2-4 sentences.
    • The title should be 55-65 characters strictly.
    • Readability in Yoast SEO should be good that means green.
    • There should be a minimum of 2 to 3 focus keywords.
    • The tone in the article should be conversational like – “I” and “You”.
    • Use Grammarly to avoid plagiarism and grammar mistakes.
    • Avoid Jargons or vernacular language.
    • Have a breakpoint and use subheading, bullet points to highlight.
    • Add visuals- graphs, images, infographics, screenshot, videos. With proper sources.


    • The Headlines and Subheadlines should properly differentiate with H2 and H3 headline tags.
    • Keep the font type and size the same from start to end.
    • Always have an introduction and conclusion to start and end. It should be distinct.


    • The external and internal linking should ratio 4:1. At least 4-6 external hyperlinks and 2-3 internal links.
    • We don’t encourage articles with links promoting a brand.


    • People love visuals and it explains more than normal words.
    • All the visuals must be relevant and should fit in the topic.
    • You should explain the visuals shouldn’t be left half away.
    • Provide us the embed link of the video if you want to keep one.
    • All the images should be of high quality.
    • Not just the images, we want you to provide the featured image even.
    • All the images should be provided to us in the email.

    Checklist before submitting

    Before submitting check all the grammatical mistakes and plagiarism if any.

    Author’s Bio

    • Provide us with a short bio or description of yourself.
    • Don’t forget to provide your image in the email for a guest blog.


    • Once you submit the article to us, we have all the rights to edit it.
    • We can remove any part from the article and can include additional things. To make the readability good.
    • You even give us the right to remove some links if required.
    • Do make sure that your article is original and hasn’t been published anywhere.


    Please do send the article as a – Google Doc, just to make easier for us to check the article, give feedback and post it.

    All the best! You are all set.

    Send your email to [email protected] .

    The Socialite Media Vanessa Barthelmes


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